File Backup Solutions for MSPs

File Backup Solutions for MSPs

By Chris Brunau

MSPs perform strategic multifaceted roles. These roles range from ensuring that customers are protected from every different form of attacks they are susceptible to, and ensuring that businesses never lose data when their resources are compromised. MSPs especially need the best file backup solutions to stay on top of all their roles.

It is especially interesting to note that although a lot of MSPs employ file backup solutions, data loss still occurs because the file backup solution was not up to the task it was required to perform. Research has shown that a major proportion of MSPs have experienced the consequences of not using the best file backup solution. Such instances include using a backup solution that only protects certain forms of data, leaving others susceptible.

File Backup Solutions Best Practices

Certain criteria must be fulfilled by file backup solutions before they are applied in certain settings. The market is saturated with backup solutions. Thus, finding the best file backup solution involves careful consideration of the necessary factors. This article provides pointers on how to choose the best file backup solution.

Factors To Consider When Choosing File Backup Solutions


The coverage provided by file backup solutions is a critical factor to consider. Organizations have lost their data because of the limited coverage provided by the backup solutions employed. For example, certain file backup solutions provide on-premise coverage without off-premise coverage and vice-versa.

Since resources can be compromised at any time in different ways, broad coverage is required. Broad coverage is one way to stay on top of the situation and prevent data loss and compromise of resources of organizations.


The cost of file backup solutions applied by organizations typically depends on the type of service offered and the clientele. It is a well-known fact that SMBs typically have a lean budget for cybersecurity and data protection and security.

Thus MSPs must strike a balance that allows the provision of high-quality backup solutions at competitive prices. The quality of the chosen solution must not be compromised to maintain low costs.

Technical features

The technical features of a backup solution will determine its suitability for the job. The key technical features determine its quality. These features include those that will determine the configuration and deployment of the solution. Features that determine how well the solution will be monitored should also be properly assessed.

Datto Delivers MSPs’ Best File Backup Solution

Datto's File Backup & Sync is a file backup solution designed to fill the void in the market for the best file backup solution. The key features that determine the best file backup solution will properly be considered in developing this tool.

With regard to technical features, it is SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant, providing the utmost security. Total privacy is also guaranteed as access is granted only to specified parties. It is also noteworthy that the restoration process with this tool takes just a moment, ensuring against downtime and the associated costs. The centralized management is another reason why Datto's File Backup & Sync is tailored to the demands of this day and age and can be described as one of the best file backup solutions.

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