FAQ: Autotask PSA 2019.3 Release

FAQ: Autotask PSA 2019.3 Release

By Grace Fitzgerald

The Autotask PSA 2019.3 release is here and there has been lots of buzz and excitement around the new features. Below are the most common questions about the release we have gotten so far. They are divided up by new feature category. We hope this helps shed some light on the release, and empowers you to take advantage of these awesome new additions to Autotask PSA.

Configuration Item:

“I am using Datto RMM and have the integration turned on with Autotask PSA. Will I be able to see the detailed device information in the main body like you showed in the demo? What about for other RMM integrations?”

Yes. With the Datto RMM and Autotask PSA integration turned on, advanced device details and information in the configuration item in Autotask PSA are automatically imported to Datto RMM. Additionally, the device insights panel has one-click access to advanced RMM tools such as remote takeover.

We also just launched our new Datto RMM and Datto Networking integration. So, all of the detailed device information will be coming in from Datto Networking devices, as well.

AutoTask 2019.3
Configuration Item

“Will there be an easier way to get notification if a configuration item is set to expire in X number of days?”

There are currently two ways to create notifications. The first is to make a dashboard widget that identifies devices with warranties that are about to expire. This gives you an instant view on a dashboard. The second is to create workflow rules around configuration items that are based on warranty expiration date. Then you can trigger a notification to fire as a reminder to try to renew that contract a certain number of days before the expiration.

AD and User-Based Billing:

"Are there any resources available to help me transition to user based billing?"

We are currently working on documentation in the Autotask Knowledge Base to ease the transition to user-based billing. We suspect that many MSPs will try to make this transition at the start of the new year. One tip we can share today: you can run the new and old billing methods in parallel. To do so, first create a user-based billing rule and specify that it is non-billable. You can then continue to use your recurring services model but actually use the automated counting methodology to validate that the new billing method is correct. Once you have verified that it is working properly you can turn off the recurring services and switch over.

"Can you add more than one Billing Item to a contact?"

Yes you can. You can have multiple billing items with both device based billing and user based billing. For example, you might bill for a Datto workplace license and an Office 365 license to one user or device.

"Will the Active Directory sync create duplicates if contacts are already added to PSA?"

The Active Directory integration uses the contact’s email address. As long as the email address is the same it will link the two and will not create duplicates. Additionally, if a contact’s email is updated in Active Directory it will automatically update the contact information in Autotask PSA, and if the contact is deactivated it will also deactivate the contact in Autotask PSA.

"Does the Active Directory integration sync contacts, users, or both?"

This update will sync contacts only. Contacts are defined as the client’s employees. It will not sync users (which are also sometimes referred to as resources or technician, salesperson, etc).

Quote Approval:

"Would the Quote Approval via email function be a suitable replacement for Autosign/Docusign? (i.e. an eSignature that would hold up legally"

This depends on your business’ requirements. With external quote approval it is an electronic signature, so the end-user provides their name but they do not physically sign anything. The replacement of a Docusign will just depend on the user’s choice or depends on how scrupulous you are on the terms and conditions.

"When clients receive a quote via email, can they approve it via a reply email, or do they need to log into the portal to approve it?"

Either. The approval can take place via the client portal. You just need to enable the quote widget in the security level through client portal. The other way is to add the variable to the notification template and supply the approval link via email.

"Is there a way to attach a .PDF file, (for example a vendor's quote), into a Purchase Order created in the PSA? (next release right?)"

This is an elevated priority for 2020. Be on the lookout for this functionality as well as the ability to edit the Purchase Order via PSA.

Tab Groups:

"Can we add "Move to Tab Group" for the tabs we already have?"

Yes. You can quickly move existing Tabs into Tab Groups and move widgets into Tab Groups. If you go into Tab Settings you can manage your Tab Groups there.


"Co-managed service using Taskfire vs. providing a secure slice of Autotask PSA to co-managed users?"

Taskfire still works great for MSPs that are collaborating with smaller internal IT organizations, or collaborating less frequently. However, if you are constantly collaborating with your clients’ internal IT staff or with a greater number of internal IT staff, you may want to transition them over to a secure slice of Autotask PSA. This is because Autotask PSA will provide the same dashboard experience along with the configurable ticket UI. Datto has made huge investments in Autotask PSA to make it an ideal experience for MSPs. Co-managed service delivers that same experience to clients (which will also impress your clients and make them stickier). By the end of the year, co-managed users will also have access to our native ticketing experience in both iOS and Android.

"Is there different pricing for Co-managed users?"

Currently there is no difference in pricing between Autotask PSA licenses that are intended for co-managed service set-up. From a security standpoint, we can distinguish these users separately, but for right now from an accounting standpoint we cannot differentiate the two. We will be working on adjusting this pricing early next year. However, by transitioning Taskfire users over to a secure slice of Autotask PSA you are providing them with a much better experience and environment by giving them access to dashboards, ticket UI, and the mobile experience.

"Is there a document for how to convert a company from Taskfire to this new co-managed model?"

We have detailed documentation on how to set up co-managed users in Autotask in our online help and release notes for 2019.3


"When will we see the native service ticket available for Android?"

We anticipate something being ready for the end of this year.

"Does Live Mobile have plans for viewing quotes/opportunities?"

Yes, that is an elevated priority on our roadmap. Lookout for an update in that area coming in 2020.

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