Extend Tech Team Reach with Cloud-Managed Backup

Extend Tech Team Reach with Cloud-Managed Backup

By David Weiss

What is Cloud-Managed BCDR?

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) technology helps organizations to prevent data loss and minimize downtime during significant interruptions. Cloud-managed BCDR allows IT professionals to remotely automate and manage backup and recovery processes. It also allows them to store backups and perform recovery in the cloud. Physical and virtual servers can be backed up in this way.

What is backup management?

Backup management involves many things from on-boarding new clients and devices to setting up backup schedules and retention policies. Lest not we forget that recovery is the most important aspect of BCDR, from restoring files to applications like SQL Server to entire virtual machines and servers.

However, for MSPs, backup management becomes more complex because they are performing management for multiple clients - maybe hundreds of clients. To scale, they need a backup interface that is designed with multi-tenancy, that is secure since they are managing multiple clients data, and delivers everything they need to manage an entire fleet of backup sources and targets.

Lastly, given the importance of offsite disaster recovery (DR, backup management encompasses the BC in BCDR, and that is business continuity. Recovering a complete server and/or VM in the cloud is a specialized skill set and requires a solution that encompasses every aspect of DR from provisioning the recovery VMs to recovering the data switching end-users over to the recovery system’s network.

Streamline cloud backup management with Datto Unified Continuity

MSPs today have to cover more territory than ever before. Client networks continue to expand geographically, and recent research indicates that the average MSP today has 122 clients. Each one brings multiple devices, servers, and networks that require constant monitoring.

As MSPs’ client bases become more far-flung, providing reliable BCDR services gets more challenging. You need to remotely manage complete backup and restore processes, without being able to physically visit every location under contract.

Cloud-managed BCDR makes it easy to provide extremely fast response times with a significantly smaller staff. Fewer techs can respond to more tickets when they work remotely. Since they don’t have to physically visit each client’s location, their efficiency is increased.

The BCDR Status Overview page GUI is segmented into three primary sections: Control,Device, and Agent Information.

Datto SIRIS is a complete cloud-managed BCDR solution that offers comprehensive backup and recovery for physical and virtual servers. It provides local backup and offsite replication of backups to the purpose-built, secure Datto Cloud for a flat monthly fee.

In addition to an offsite repository, the Datto Cloud can be used for file restores or entire system recovery. Datto SIRIS can be deployed in multiple ways, including:

  • a plug-and-play hardened physical appliance
  • as software installed on a virtual machine
  • or as an image on your own server hardware

Robust remote backup management is key for MSPs who need to service their clients anywhere, at a moment’s notice. Datto Continuity solutions enabling high performing cloud-managed data protection include Datto SIRIS, Datto ALTO and Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs. Each one connects you to all of your clients’ devices under management through our secure, easy-to-use portal.

Server Backup Management

Cloud backup management is secure, simple, and reliable with Datto SIRIS which is managed via the Datto Portal dashboard. Use the intuitive UI to easily monitor your entire fleet from one place. Configure a wide range of alerts and reports. Available notifications include sync completion, device not seen, high local activity, low disk space, change in external IP address, and more.


Get essential information at a glance about a device’s backup status. In the event that a backup fails, your techs have everything they need to identify the issue and begin troubleshooting. Next, techs can restart the backup procedure, initiate a restore or server virtualization, and much more.

Depend on the Datto Portal to provide the tools required for comprehensive BCDR support. Oversee cloud-managed backup procedures via the instant virtualization feature of SIRIS. These include local backup and replication, as well as local and cloud recovery. MSPs can easily view updates on individual file and folder restore, ransomware detection and rollback, and server image export.

Backup Management for Desktops

As with Datto SIRIS, Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs can all be remotely managed natively through the Datto Portal.


Benefits of cloud-managed BCDR with Datto Unified Continuity

The cloud managed backup capabilities of Datto Unified Continuity solutions are designed specifically for MSPs. They can help you to increase efficiency, grow margins and build revenue. Rely on remote backup management with Datto to provide quality support to more customers, so you can keep growing your business.

With Datto Continuity for cloud-managed BCDR, you can:

  • Secure management via two factor authentication to access the cloud
  • Remotely manage a full suite of BCDR services across wide geographies
  • Provide extremely fast response times with a smaller staff — fewer techs can attend to more tickets when they’re working remotely instead of having to visit clients’ physical locations
  • Review the backup status of every device under management at a glance
  • Easily identify and troubleshoot problems, initiate a restore or server virtualization, and do much more remotely
  • Increase your team’s efficiency, productivity, and profit potential
  • Benefit from 24x7x365, direct-to-tech service and support

How to Get Started with Datto Cloud-Managed BCDR

Backup management requires the best cloud-managed BCDR available for MSPs to keep pace with their clients’ growing data. Datto Continuity solutions keep your clients connected and confident, with our powerful, easy-to-use portal for reliable cloud-managed backup.

Get in touch with Datto today. See how the cloud-first data protection solutions of Datto Continuity can grow your business.

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Which systems work with Datto Continuity?

Datto SIRIS supports servers running Windows Server 2012 and higher along with various Linux (64-bit) distributions and VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V.

With Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs, Datto’s Windows backup and restore solutions can protect Windows 10 and Windows legacy platforms.

Datto’s award-winning core technologies, 24x7x365 service, support, and cloud management portal are always included.

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