How MSPs Can Properly Execute Sales and Marketing Strategies

How MSPs Can Properly Execute Sales and Marketing Strategies

By Carrie Simpson

Carrie Simpson is the founder and CEO of Managed Sales Pros. She has over 20 years of cold calling experience and supports a team of 30 lead generators. Her team makes over 40,000 outbound MSP prospecting calls monthly.  

Regardless of what marketing program or sales process you choose to follow, success is determined by your ability to execute. Success will come down to your commitment to following the process you choose. It doesn’t matter if you have a 16-step process or a four-step process. Choose something, put the ball in motion, and tweak when necessary. Consistency and continuity are what’s important. Stop-start-stop-start prospecting doesn’t make the same impact on your business that consistency will.

To become a successful, sales-focused organization, you must overcome the biggest barriers to your success.

  1. Indecision: How much time are you spending trying to decide your next course of action? It only takes a quarter of inactivity to paralyze your sales pipeline for the year. Whether you work with a marketing partner or build your marketing plans in-house, indecision is your enemy.

  2. Unrealistic Expectations: Pick your partners and a process you believe in, get started, and hold steady. Whatever it is you’ve chosen, give it a year to work. If you can’t financially commit to a process, system, or partner for a full year, you’re not ready to do it. Accept that you’re going to spend money, and don’t pull the plug if you have one or two bad months. If you constantly start and stop because you don’t see results on your timeline, you’ll never generate enough traction to see solid outcomes.

  3. Inconsistent behavior: Your team takes their cues from you. If the process and data integrity are important one day, but only getting the deal matters the next day, you’ll never have the sales and marketing engine required to build long-term sales success. If the process is important for new hires, it’s equally as important for long-term sales superstars. Do your top performers get treated differently? Do your actions and instructions convey to your team what you and your business value? Do you have a strategy and plan? Are there consequences when people aren’t adhering to them? Are you holding yourself accountable as a leader?

There is no magic bullet. No guru, program, company, or software will fix a broken sales engine. Only the business leader can do that. If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to make changes. Some of these changes will be simple. Some will require hard decisions and actions. The difference between your small MSP and wildly successful MSPs in your market is execution. Most MSPs start with one person and one idea. Leaders who make good decisions, and execute on them succeed and thrive.

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