Events Made MSPeasy: Webinars

Events Made MSPeasy: Webinars

By Chris Brunau

Webinars are an impactful and cost-effective way to showcase services to new prospects or present educational content on a hot topic (for example, how to prevent ransomware) to showcase your company’s thought leadership. Combining the interactive elements of a trade show with the convenience of the Internet, webinars are particularly appealing for some as they allow people the chance to investigate a vendor from a safe distance while still being able to ask questions/get personal - almost like online dating! Here are some tips for successful webinars.

The Presentation

After you’ve solidified the main details of the webinar, such as the title, the participants, the date and the time, get started on the webinar presentation. Give yourself (and any other webinar participants) enough time to create a slide deck that is on brand, focused and visually appealing. In general, the less text on the slides, the better. You want attendees to be actively listening and not reading.

Where to start? The first 1-3 slides should be introductory. Start with slides that introduce yourself, your services and any other speakers. Make sure these slides include professional photos, company logos, job titles and perhaps a fun fact. Next, add a slide with bullets giving the attendees a brief look at the agenda before diving right in.

Keep content educational and helpful - not pushy or salesy. A great way to get yourself to do this is by adding a slide of “takeaways” to the end of the presentation to ensure your listeners leave with valuable information.

At the end of the webinar, schedule at least 15 minutes for attendee Q&As. Once you’re satisfied with the content of the presentation, add some clean and relevant graphics to the slides (or tap a creative to do it for you).

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