Events Made MSPeasy: Tips And Templates For MSP Success

Events Made MSPeasy: Tips And Templates For MSP Success

By Chris Brunau

Managing an event is no easy task, whether it’s preparing for a lunch and learn, hosting a webinar, or setting up a booth at a larger trade show. For managed service providers looking to improve their event presence, you’ve come to the right place. Events are tried and true methods for building brand awareness, driving new leads, upselling current customers, forming new partnerships and, best of all, driving more profit. Whether you’re attending, sponsoring or hosting an event, we’ve got some tips and templates that make events MSPeasy.

Pre-Event Preparations

There are logistics galore when it comes to events and this is often where MSPs get tripped up. Allow time to prepare for an event to avoid last minute rush orders or additional promo efforts. Below are some basic pre-event prep tips.

  • Spread the Word: Alerting your prospects about the event is critical. Leverage all the outlets you have to get the word out via phone calls, email, social media posts, etc. Let people know the 3 W’s: When, Where and What’s in it for them! Two to three weeks prior to the event, send out a pre-event email to prospects.
  • Get Social: Whether you’re a social media guru or not, it’s highly likely that your clients (or future clients) are on one form of social media or another - whether they are tweeting at a company for support help or part of a niche community on LinkedIn - so get involved!

Day of Event

Make sure to give yourself enough time to shower and have a good breakfast - no matter how long the event is, they can be exhausting for anyone (all that smiling!). Here are some basic “day of” considerations to keep you calm and collected.

  • Prepare for “Day Of” Disasters:
    • Always prepare for technology failures! If your booth includes a digital presentation or if you intend on leveraging anything that needs power, make sure to have extra wires/cords.
    • Practice your pitch before the event because there’s nothing worse than stuttering in front of a hot lead. Make sure you and anyone representing your company can identify the top three benefits of your service and can present them easily.
  • Take Pictures: Have someone take a photo of your team at the booth and send the image to whomever is managing your social media pages to post and encourage event attendees to stop by your booth (leveraging the event hashtag, of course!).

In the next post in this series, we’ll go into the most important part of events: the post-event follow ups! I will also dive into the world of webinars. If you can’t wait another second for more tips like these, checkout our latest eBook in the Business Made MSPeasy Series: Events Made MSPeasy

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