Why CLARCOR Chose Datto BDR

Why CLARCOR Chose Datto BDR

By Chris Brunau

CLARCOR is a $3.37 billion industrial filter manufacturer that sprawls across 20 countries with over 100 operating facilities and 6,000 employees. For its complex technology systems and requirements, CLARCOR relies on Datto partner Mirazon to provide consulting and assistance to keep everything running smoothly. For CLARCOR’s backup and disaster recovery needs, the Mirazon team recommended a combined solution of enterprise backup software and Datto SIRIS appliances.

After experiencing substantial growth, primarily due to the acquisition of several other manufacturing plants, CLARCOR needed to consolidate multiple scattered data centers down to two: the primary at corporate headquarters and the secondary in Kentucky as a disaster recovery site. Mirazon recommended an enterprise backup software solution for these two sites to be jointly managed between CLARCOR’s internal IT and Mirazon engineers. However, CLARCOR also has nearly a dozen remote facilities with isolated servers and no local IT staff support. Additionally, the network bandwidth and costs made backing those servers up to the enterprise software solution unfeasible.

For these remote sites, Mirazon recommended the Datto SIRIS, which is now the corporate standard for all of CLARCOR’s remote offices.

“When you have older server hardware, especially in a remote location, you know it’s just a matter of time, and you want to be prepared,” said Mirazon Chief Technology Architect Brent Earls. “A server in a closet is also vulnerable to environmental factors.

To learn more about how Datto helps CLARCOR and Mirazon, check out the full success story.

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