Enhancing Technician Efficiency with Autotask PSA 2020.4

Enhancing Technician Efficiency with Autotask PSA 2020.4

By Adrian Luh

Autotask PSA is designed to drive efficiency, accountability, and the intelligence of managed service providers (MSPs) so they can anticipate potential issues, resolve them faster, and fulfill their promise of delivering high-quality IT managed services to their clients. The latest release to Autotask PSA release is no exception. Key features of the 2020.4 release were built to help your technicians be even more efficient and informed.

SSL Certificate and Domain Tracking

A previous Autotask PSA release introduced native Document Manager that improved technician efficiency by providing quick and easy access to standardized documentation so they could spend more time resolving issues rather than searching for the solution. This latest release enhances the Document Manager capability and provides a single location for MSPs to manage expiring contracts. Autotask PSA can now automatically (rather than manually) monitor and track clients’ SSL certificates and domains, and provide automated reminders within 30 days of expiration to help ensure they never miss a renewal.


Recurring Ticket Engine

A new feature for recurring tickets reduces noise and improves your technician’s efficiency by enabling them to see only tickets relevant and timely. By giving the option to schedule when instances need to be created and edit recurring tickets as situations change, you can eliminate the need to create all instances in advance and use workarounds to hide tickets until needed.


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