[Podcast] End-to-End Disaster Recovery

[Podcast] End-to-End Disaster Recovery

By Holly Wainwright

Any thing, at any time. Those are the disasters that businesses need to be wary of.

In this episode of the Datto Partner Podcast, Rob Rae, VP of Business Development with Datto, speaks with Trevor Mickelson, CPA Practice Leader with Agility Recovery about end-to-end disaster recovery and business continuity. With Datto, a business’ data and systems are protected in a disaster, but how do you ensure a business can maintain physical operations in lieu of a disaster? That’s where Agility comes in. Listen to the full podcast on iTunes.

Why is disaster recovery so important for businesses?

If everybody on the call today just thinks about their clients … pick your top 2 or 3 clients and envision if they didn’t have power for 2 weeks at their location or they weren’t able to work in their office for 2 months … those situations can be devastating to organizations. Most don’t have cash flow for that.

What types of disasters are businesses most affected by?

The truth of the matter is it’s the day-to-day mundane boring events, the sunshine disasters, and the things that can happen to anyone, anywhere, they can be anything at any time. Anyone is susceptible to a burst pipe, a power outage, an electric fire, an infestation, a disgruntled employee, a crime, a cyber attack, whatever it maybe, no organization is immune from a situation.

About 30% of our recoveries every single year revolved around those natural regional events, those disasters that we think about, but the other 70% are isolated events. They affect one building, one organization … it’s those types of disasters that we don’t think about, but those are the disasters that we’re really not prepared for.

Agility identifies 4 key points of recovery, what are they?

  1. Physical office space operation
  2. Power generation
  3. Communications
  4. Computer systems

Why does it make sense for Datto and Agility to partner together?

Our goal is to have that fully integrated business continuity solution with Datto to connect the IT with the physical infrastructure that they need to operate because one without the other for your clients, it is a risk. But together, when you start answering those questions of where you’re going to go, where you’re going to get the resources, it really becomes a game changer and a huge opportunity for you to not only solve those problems for your clients, but also make some money.

Tell me about Agility’s Channel program?

Our channel program, it’s very simple. We don’t want to make you the overnight expert in what we’re doing. We think it would be better to be an extension of your initiatives and be in line with your strategic goals and strategy. We actually want to get to know you, your direction, and so how you work. I encourage you to give me a quick call or set up a time to chat, but it’s basically, we get a member onboard. We pay out 10% of the membership for the life of that member.  Email trevor.mickelson@agilityrecovery.com to learn more.

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