Q&A with Delano Collins, CIO at EDTS

Q&A with Delano Collins, CIO at EDTS

By Ian O'Brien

In this weeks episode of the Datto Partner Podcast VP of Business Development, Rob Rae chatted with Delano Collins, Chief Information Officer with EDTS. Delano gives an overview of his team and their progression as a top MSP as well as diving into how and why they migrated their backup fleet to Datto and the benefits that move provided them and their customers.

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Delano speaking about the size and focus of EDTS:

“We have 65 employees right now, we have offices in Augusta, Georgia, Columbia and Greenville, South Carolina. Our primary verticals are medical, banking, financial, and manufacturing. Although, we service a wide range of clients from mom-and-pop shops to large medical and hospital facilities. Really, we’re looking for anyone with a mature IT vision, or someone who wants to have a mature IT vision.”

Delano explaining why EDTS moved their entire backup fleet from a competitor to Datto:

“Essentially, we saw there were seven significant technical hurdles with their [Datto competitor] product, and I won’t bother going into those right now. The major thing that concerned me is that we were spending six or more times, 600% more time, supporting their appliances than ShadowProtect and Datto based backups.”

On why EDTA chose to make the move to Datto:

“It really goes down to being true to your bond’s word. We felt like we were getting a lot of lip service from BLEEP. They kept telling us that they were coming out with new technologies that they didn’t come out with. They kept promising that their appliances could do things like replication, that they couldn’t do. They kept telling us that, “Oh, they’re gonna fix problems like the impact on a SQL server,” that they didn’t fix.”

Delano on his experience with Datto tech support:

“We tried to find disgruntled partners, and we came up with a list of items that we went to our rep and presented him some questions, like, “Hey we talked to these three customers, and they came up with this list of items.” Our rep basically said, “I’ll tell you what, let me go talk to someone and see if we can get a definitive answer on these things for you.”

Next thing I know, I get a call from someone named Austin McChord, turns out he’s the CEO of Datto. It blew me away that the CEO of Datto would call me, and basically had a 30-45 minute conversation with me, he went through line item by line item, and addressed each of the concerns that we had presented in the email.”

For the complete story on why and how EDTS moved their backup fleet to Datto, check out the full interview with Delano below. 

Listen to the full interview on iTunes to hear the complete interview with Delano.

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