Dynamic Business Technologies Finds More Dynamic BDR with Datto

Dynamic Business Technologies Finds More Dynamic BDR with Datto

By Michaela Scampoli

Australian based managed service provider, Dynamic Business Technologies (DBT), has been providing award-winning IT solutions for small businesses since 2006. With a philosophy focused on their client’s growth, technical support is an aspect of DBT’s business that they emphasize. So when their philosophy became threatened, it was unacceptable to DBT.

DBT found much of their technician’s time that would normally be spent supporting clients, being allocated elsewhere: their backup solutions. The reason for the extra maintenance: too many vendors.

DBT began by employing multiple vendors to meet their backup and disaster recovery (BDR)  needs. From the onset, it was no easy task. They had to perform their first backup manually and drive to the data center to upload it. The extra care required to work with multiple vendors didn’t stop at the onboarding experience.

“We estimated we were losing around 7 hours a month of a technician’s time on average in supporting and administering the solution,” said Nathan Franks, Managing Director at DBT.

Technicians are vital to the support of their client base, so wasted time was not feasible. In order to give technicians their time back, they needed a comprehensive BDR solution. DBT then contacted Datto.

“The Datto platform was significantly easier to use, administer, on-board and is backed by great vendor support. With full integration into Autotask Endpoint Management, it enables our help desk team a quick insight into our clients’ backups and, more importantly, automatically logs any tickets if issues occur,” said Franks.

Technicians gained back their time, and clients also gained some peace of mind. With the Datto solution, clients benefit from a 1-year retention policy and proprietary technology that assures them backups have been completed. Technologies like Screenshot Verification automatically send DBT’s clients confirmation that their business is being protected.

Both DBT and their clients are also benefiting from Datto’s 24x7x365 support. With Datto as their sole BDR provider, DBT is one phone call away from a support team who works around-the-clock to ensure their success.

For more on Dynamic Business Technologies partnership with Datto, read the full case study.

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