DRaaS is Changing: What MSPs Need to Know

DRaaS is Changing: What MSPs Need to Know

By David Weiss

When managed service providers (MSPs) take stock of client priorities, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) services often top the list. The faster an MSP can help a customer’s business to restore data and resume business operations after an interruption, the better the customer experience. With MSPs reporting that 63% of new business comes from word of mouth, delivering better BCDR can spark referrals in a competitive market.

There are a wide range of approaches under the BCDR umbrella: Your technology choices can make a major impact on your ability to come through for your clients, as well as on your bottom line. In this article, we’ll look at how you can expand your portfolio beyond backup to offer business continuity and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

What is DRaaS? An MSP Primer

DRaaS goes beyond legacy backup, by providing a service that uses the cloud to recover data and server operations. This minimizes both downtime and data loss.

DRaaS uses incremental backup to protect primary devices (PCs, servers), locally and to a cloud-based recovery site. By backing up to the cloud, as opposed to strictly a local hardware device, MSPs can meet recovery time objectives (RTOs) in the event of a disaster by enabling fast failover to a secondary site.

When a primary device fails, normal operations are switched to the cloud site. As soon as the outage is resolved, the normal operations are failed back to the primary device. With DRaaS, this BCDR process is seamless, sure, and secure.

DRaaS essentials:

  • Image-based local and cloud backup
  • Virtualization-enabled local and cloud failover
  • Enterprise-class security on-premises and in the cloud
  • Restore capabilities that meet a variety of recovery scenarios

MSPs Need Better BCDR

Getting BCDR right has never been more important for MSPs, and the small and medium businesses (SMBs) that they serve. Recent research shows that the cost of downtime is escalating quickly, seeing a 486% increase since 2018, alongside a 62% loss of business productivity and a 24% decrease in client profitability.

While these interruptions can be caused by natural disasters, equipment failures, and human error, the rapidly escalating threat of ransomware makes BCDR a requirement for enterprises of every size. Research shows that 91% of clients with BCDR products in place are less likely to experience significant downtime due to ransomware.

SIRIS: The Path to Better DRaaS

At Datto, our focus on BCDR starts with SIRIS. A reliable, all-in-one BCDR solution made specifically to meet the needs of MSPs, SIRIS prevents data loss and minimizes downtime for clients. With SIRIS, MSPs are BCDR-ready with verified backups, instant virtualization, ransomware recovery, and restore options for any scenario.

SIRIS automatically copies backups to Datto’s own private cloud built exclusively for the use of our MSP channel partners and their clients. The Datto Cloud is a $100 million investment we made to assure MSPs the very best BCDR and DRaaS available.

The Datto Cloud stands in stark contrast to the design of other DRaaS solutions available to MSPs, many of which use public, commercially available cloud services for their backup. But depending on a public cloud like AWS for DRaaS is risky, because their terms don’t guarantee that the data sent to its servers can be recovered in the event they suffer a failure. In addition, public clouds use variable price tiers that can make storage costs unpredictable from month to month. Also, shared tenancy is the default for public cloud, which can lead to security concerns for MSPs and their clients. Dedicated tenancy is available, but comes with additional costs.

With the Datto Cloud at its center, Datto SIRIS provides MSPs with key DRaaS advantages. Benefits of the Datto Cloud include:

Immutable — As our own private cloud, the Datto Cloud is purpose-built for backup and recovery. Backups are secure and highly reliable. Immutability of data means MSPs can be confident in backups even in the event of a ransomware attack.

Flexible — SIRIS builds on the flexibility even further: It can be deployed as an appliance, vSIRIS virtual appliance, or software-only to protect any physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac, or Linux. It offers a wide variety of restore capabilities designed to meet any recovery scenario.

Flat fee — Datto’s DRaaS solution is the only true flat fee service available for MSPs. The predictable cost model of SIRIS gives MSPs better margins, for a simple approach to DRaaS with best-in-class performance. And with annual no-cost DR testing included, SIRIS saves you money while increasing peace of mind.

The deployment flexibility of SIRIS makes it an optimal fit for the widest range of client configurations today. The vast majority of today’s servers are virtualized, and the immutable Datto Cloud makes it easy to perform reliable backups cloud-to-cloud: Since every backup that SIRIS creates constitutes a recovery point, MSPs using Datto DRaaS are assured of meeting stringent recovery point objectives (RPOs) to minimize client downtime.

That matters when natural disasters strike. Following Superstorm Sandy, the robust Datto Cloud helped over 100 Tri-state area MSPs to fully recover client data and resume their business operations quickly. The Datto Cloud means proven BCDR, even under the most challenging conditions.

The DRaaS Checklist

When evaluating a DRaaS solution, MSPs should consider the qualities that can best support their clients’ BCDR needs, while helping you to grow your business. Here’s a convenient checklist of questions to ask when considering the right DRaaS solution for you:

  • Is it purpose-built for MSPs?
  • Is it purpose-built for BCDR or does it rely on legacy local backup systems?
  • Is it a private or public cloud?
  • Is it an all-in-one solution—a single vendor for hardware, software, and cloud?
  • Does it offer flexible deployment options—appliance, virtual, or software?
  • Can it meet your clients’ RTO and RPO requirements?
  • Will it prepare you for the growing threat of ransomware?
  • Does it have proven performance to minimize downtime in a disaster?
  • Is it a predictable flat fee cost model, or are there complicated pricing tiers?

Get Connected to the Datto Cloud

MSPs that want to win new BCDR business today must master DRaaS. Powered by the Datto Cloud, Datto SIRIS is the backup and recovery solution that helps you succeed.

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