Don’t Get Throttled During Hurricane Recovery

Don’t Get Throttled During Hurricane Recovery

By Matt Richards

As Hurricane Florence approaches, the priority should be the safety of oneself, family and home. It’s imperative to prepare ahead of time and know the potential risks the storm brings to your personal safety and property. Heed hurricane warnings and advisories and determine the best course of action to remain safe. For more tips on hurricane safety, head to

Once those issues are addressed, that’s where the Datto DRT can assist. We view the Datto Disaster Response Team (DRT) as tertiary responders. First responders are police, fire, and rescue. Second responders are utilities such as power and water. We come in after lives and homes are safe, and business once again becomes a concern. That’s when we want to be on hand to help partners get their businesses back up and running.

Internet access is an often overlooked problem for businesses located in a disaster zone. While most of us expect a live Internet connection as a given these days, that’s far from the case in the immediate aftermath of a disaster such as a hurricane. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) work hard to get back online, but they can be swamped with recovery operations. While the situation doesn’t always get worse, there are times that it does.

According to reports, Internet access was throttled on unlimited plans during the recent California wildfires, which hampered firefighters while they battled the blaze. The Santa Clara County Fire Department recently filed a lawsuit against Verizon, claiming the ISP throttled their unlimited data plan and had a significant impact on their ability to provide emergency services. As a result, the fire department was forced to use other agencies’ ISPs along with their personal devices. According to the lawsuit, this severely hampered the fire department’s ability to provide crisis response during the emergency.

In a disaster, Internet access is increasingly important. Whether it’s an individual getting online to file an insurance claim, a small business that needs the Internet to reach its customers or first responders that need to communicate quickly and efficiently, the Internet is a necessity in this day and age. That’s where the Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) can come into play during disaster recovery efforts.

The DNA is equipped with 4G LTE failover, to deliver Internet access even when the ISP is down. This allows Datto partners and their clients to stay connected during a disaster. It’s always connected Internet, delivered at a time when Datto partners and their clients need it the most.

If you are experiencing or are about to experience a disaster, and you want to prepare, contact your sales person. We regularly provide special offers to partners preparing for a storm or other natural disaster storm. Once the DRT deploys and is on the ground, they can provide a DNA at no charge. Internet when you need it the most. Call us!

Learn more about Datto’s response to Hurricane Florence and the DRT.

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