Does the Stagefright Exploit Put Your Mobile Data at Risk?

Does the Stagefright Exploit Put Your Mobile Data at Risk?

By Chris Brunau

Stagefright, the new vulnerability for Android devices, has been dubbed ‘Heartbleed for Mobile’.

The exploit can be easily spread, via an MMS that doesn’t even have to be opened by the user. The attack can be triggered opening any file, and then any signs of the attack can be easily removed, according to Zimperium, the mobile security firm that revealed the vulnerability.

While this vulnerability only targets Android phones, 95% of these devices are critically exposed, an estimated 950 million devices, according to Zimperium. An attack on this scale should be a concern for any business owners.

A new Android bug, dubbed Stagefright, allows an attacker to perform arbitrary operations on the victim device through remote code execution.

In the case of Stagefright, it can’t even be chalked up to user error or negligence, because all the attacker needs is your number. Google is addressing the issue with a patch, but the delay may be just enough for your device to be infected.

What if you or your employee has email or any sensitive data stored on their phone? That data could possibly be corrupted and flooded with malware.

Wouldn’t you want to make sure your data is safe, before it falls victim to a vulnerability and you have no backup?

Through ownCloud on SIRIS, sensitive and important files would be backed up and stored directly on your SIRIS device, while still allowing access on your mobile device. Your information is more secure because it isn’t relying on a public cloud. Logging and auditing are also a possibility, allowing you to trace who has access to your files, and when or where they were viewed.

ownCloud on SIRIS is an enterprise file sync and share solution. You can share, access, and synchronize files stored on your SIRIS device from anywhere, even with your mobile devices.

And because your files are stored on your secure SIRIS device, you gain peace of mind that it’s all backed up on the Datto Cloud as well.

Your employees could still have access to files, while on the go, without the risk of having those files stored on a phone, and thus vulnerable to deletion or malware attacks.  

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