Disaster Response Team and MSP Assist During Hurricane Harvey

Disaster Response Team and MSP Assist During Hurricane Harvey

By Chris Brunau

As the 2017 hurricane season came to a close, The Weather Company deemed it one of the most active seasons in history. Texas was hit particularly hard by one of the eight hurricanes active in the Atlantic basin, Hurricane Harvey. 

Bringing more than 50 inches of rain, the hurricane made landfall as a category 4 storm, displacing over 30,000 people from their homes. Businesses had to shut their doors, and Texas’ economy took a nasty hit. FXStreet analysts reported Texas’s real GDP for 2017 dropped by nearly half to 2.7% from 4.3% predicted prior to Harvey. Gross losses of nearly $111 billion dollars for the state have also been estimated. Once safety and property were assured, the community had to come together to help each other get back to normal. 

Frontline Computer Services is an MSP in Richmond, Texas with clients in the Houston area. Owner of Frontline, Stephen Johnston, preemptively backed up all of his clients data off-site and sent out an email blast before the storm hit with disaster preparedness best practices. Understandably, not everyone could get their business prepared in time to avoid digital fallout. Located on the Buffalo Bayou, one of Frontline’s clients, an executive services team called Corporate Assets, experienced a foot of water in their office. One of the business’s computers had been left on the floor and was damaged by the flooding. Luckily, Johnston had already backed up the company’s data.

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