Delta Airlines Outage And The State Of The US Power Grid

Delta Airlines Outage And The State Of The US Power Grid

By Chris Brunau

We’ve often talked about how costly downtime can be, but Delta Airlines may have just taken the cake. According to reports, August's computer outage will cost Delta Airlines an estimated $150 million.

The August 8 outage resulted in 2,100 flight cancellations and a plethora of bad press for the company. According to the analyst, the compounding effects of the outage are just starting.

The outage was caused by a small fire at one of the data centers, which was sparked by equipment failure. According to Fortune, we will see more and more outages like this for airlines due to their dated technology. While they have updated many features like check in, they still lag behind and are wary of putting up the large costs to rebuild vital systems like reservation tracking.

With Delta bringing power outages to the front page, we decided to look into exactly how bad the power grid is and how huge of a problem power outages really are. Check out the infographic below.

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