Debunking BCDR Myths: All BCDR Solutions Carry the Same Risk

Debunking BCDR Myths: All BCDR Solutions Carry the Same Risk

By Courtney Heinbach

In our latest eBook, the BCDR Buyer’s Guide for MSPs, we’re breaking down some common myths about business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions. In this blog, we’ll focus on myth number four: vendors who sell software-only BCDR have the same level of risk assumption as all-in-one solutions. You can check out our other blogs in the series that touch on BCDR myths here.

Here’s the truth: Risk is not equal

The amount of risk you assume when delivering BCDR services can vary widely depending on the solution and vendor you choose. This can result in multiple points of failure and potential finger-pointing among vendors, so it takes longer to resolve issues. What’s worse, if one vendor makes a change, it can impact the entire solution. For example, a software update might result in anything from a minor decrease in performance to a costly hardware upgrade.

With all-in-one solutions, MSPs get single-vendor backing and support across software, hardware, and the cloud. This means less risk for MSPs. It also offers three key advantages for mitigating risk when it comes to cloud support:

  1. Predictable cloud compute performance during disaster recovery operations.
  2. Dedicated tech support during disaster recovery operations, including failover and failback.
  3. Rich security features including administration access and invariable backup snapshots that cannot be infected with ransomware.

Choosing to rely on a public cloud can introduce unnecessary risk and slow down your ability to recover and restore quickly. The shared model of the public cloud also poses risks due to the fact that responsibility for the preservation and security of data lies solely with the owner and not the cloud provider.

The predictable costs of an all-in-one solution can also help keep clients happy and reduce the risk of losing clients due to unforeseen price increases. When evaluating solutions, risk cannot be an afterthought. Assuming all BCDR solutions carry the same level of risk can have detrimental consequences.

Looking for more tips on how to find the right BCDR solution for you and your clients? Check out our BCDR Buyer’s Guide for MSPs.

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