Datto’s Advice for MSPs During Uncertain Times

Datto’s Advice for MSPs During Uncertain Times

By Tim Weller

Recently, we held a fireside chat with thousands of our MSP partners across the globe to offer some advice and thoughts as we continue to navigate these uncertainties together.

Your safety and health are our first priority, but we also realize the responsibility you have to your business, your employees, and your clients. As the coming weeks unfold, we will likely have some answers as well as some new questions, but I feel very optimistic about the long term outlook for the channel industry.

Here are Datto’s thoughts about the impact current events may have on the wider MSP community:

  • Great Leaders Provide Clarity: Don't disappear from your employees or clients. It’s important to remain visible and offer clarity where you can. This can come in the form of a daily check-in with employees, weekly standup meetings, virtual meetings, happy hours, etc.
  • Be More Proactive for Your Clients: MSPs must go on the crisis offense. First, stabilize your business and your clients’ businesses. Some of your clients may be in more stable positions than others and this may create an opportunity for them. Understand how you can help them in this situation. Unfortunately, some businesses are in tougher areas and may need more triage support. Help those clients and be there for them when they need it most.
  • The Remote SMB Community: Many regions across the world are fully working remotely. MSPs must support SMBs more than ever and ensure they are not exposed to any threats such as cyber crime, network security, etc. Many businesses will begin to realize that with proper preparation and BCDR, some things work better at home and that’s in large part to the work of MSPs. Your clients are able to work from home because of you, and they will get back to their usual routines and processes because of you.
  • The Silver Linings: The channel is stronger than ever, and the growth will continue once we emerge from this. The recurring revenue model embraced by MSPs keeps you more secure than you were during past uncertainties. MSPs have been defined as essential businesses even in areas where most services are shut down. This illustrates how vital MSPs are to supporting local SMBs across the world. As we hopefully begin to turn the corner in the coming weeks, it may be time to think about the future. How will you help your clients when we reach the other side of the tunnel and continue to support them?

Above all, stay safe and look after yourselves, your families, and your businesses as we get through this together.

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