Datto's 26 Mile Data Center Move

Datto's 26 Mile Data Center Move

By Adam Rua

Change is good. Change is good. That’s the mantra we must embrace today while we continue to grow and evolve our businesses for our partners. A growing Datto decided in early 2018 that it needed to change one of its primary data centers, kicking-off an internal project dubbed -26Mile.

The team came together to deploy a custom-built data center to meet our growth needs, and more importantly deliver on our partners expectations. Moving data centers can be difficult, especially when the total load of servers your moving amounts to what fits in a couple 747 cargo planes, but so is launching a startup from your basement, and Datto did that too.

Listen to us answer some questions about the move, and all the effort that went into it, during a sit-down reflection we did recently. We hope you enjoy it.

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