DattoCon17: SaaS Protection Updates and O365 Backup Support

DattoCon17: SaaS Protection Updates and O365 Backup Support

By Andrew Burton

This week at DattoCon, a number of new performance and functionality enhancements to Backupify were announced. First up, Backupify has been rebranded as Datto SaaS Protection. Datto’s cloud-to-cloud backup product provides all the functionality of Backupify but has been rebranded as “SaaS Protection” for our channel partners. This makes it easier for partners to sell SaaS backup under the trusted Datto name, and ensure that clients are getting the same industry-leading data protection.

Another major announcement: product performance has improved across the board. We’ve taken nine years of cloud-to-cloud backup experience and created the next generation of SaaS backup. Datto SaaS Protection features a new architecture that leverages Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology and the Elasticsearch search engine to improve speed and efficiency across all functions of the product.

Next, point-in-time backup functionality was added for Office 365. Point-in-time backup is a data protection approach that allows users to revert to a specific recovery point following data loss or corruption. With point-in-time backup for O365, Datto SaaS Protection users get 3x daily snapshots of their entire data libraries. Users can also force a backup at any time in addition to the three daily snapshots. We’ve also added service level, all user, and multi-user search across all point-in-time backups.

Point-in-time backup is well suited for recovering data following a ransomware or other malware attack. Ransomware, as you are probably aware, is a type of malware that encrypts files on a victim’s computer and demands ransom payment to unlock them. Over the past few years, it has become one of the most popular forms of cybercrime because it is quite easy to carry out attacks and the threat of getting caught is low. Many people assume that ransomware is an on-premises IT issue, and SaaS applications are somehow immune to infection. This, however, is patently untrue. Ransomware can easily spread to SaaS applications, especially when using sync clients such as Microsoft OneDrive.

O365 Sharepoint backup was also updated. Datto SaaS Protection can now backup Sharepoint Lists and Site Pages. “List and Site Page support were the large, final pieces of the Sharepoint support puzzle,” said Datto SaaS Protection Product Manager Ivan Evsyukov. “With support for backup, restore, and export for Exchange, OneDrive and Sharepoint, we have comprehensive coverage of the O365 suite.”

These updates further solidify Datto SaaS Protection as the leading cloud-to-cloud SaaS backup provider, offering an all-in-one backup, search, restore, and export solution for Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G Suite. It delivers consistently reliable granular backups, quick and easy restores and exports, secured data for compliance and regulatory needs, and world-class 24/7/365 support.

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