Datto Welcomes Backupify to the Family

Datto Welcomes Backupify to the Family

By Austin McChord

I am incredibly proud to welcome Backupify into the Datto family. This acquisition of the market leader in SaaS backup is an important step in our vision to protect business data no matter where it lives.

With our combined products Datto will be able to ensure that key business data is safeguarded and accessible regardless of whether it lives locally, virtually, in a cloud, or as part of a SaaS application. Adding Backupify’s technology is an important step in building a true Total Data Protection Platform. Over the coming months our teams will work to build a single, elegant platform that will allow for simple an easy protection and restores no matter what kind of data a business may need to protect.

One of the driving reasons for choosing to acquire Backupify is their amazing team. It’s clear that their CEO Rob May has built a passionate and talented group who care deeply about their customers and the technology. Having the opportunity to join this team with the Datto family is only going to further accelerate our rate of innovation and improve the customer experience going forward. It’s been absolutely amazing how complementary their skill sets are. We are excited to add a Boston presence for Datto and continue to grow the team in Boston.

None of this would be possible without the partners who support us. It’s a relationship I value tremendously and has been integral to our success. It’s exciting that many of the partners that first took a chance on Datto years ago continue to be part of this next stage. I have never been more optimistic about the future and more excited about the technology and solutions we will be able to offer our partners moving forward.

Datto and Backupify customers and partners will continue to be serviced as they always have been by their sales, account management and support teams. Plus, the Datto cloud will allow us to offer existing Backupify customers and partners more features to make restoring and interacting with their data easier in the future.

This is a really big day for us. Please join me in welcoming the Backupify team in the comments below or on social media.

If you’d like to learn more, check out the news release or read the blog post by Backupify’s Rob May.

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