Datto Releases Autotask PSA 2018.2

Datto Releases Autotask PSA 2018.2

By Chris Brunau

Datto has released the latest update to Autotask PSA, its cloud-based professional services automation tool that helps MSPs manage client relationships and deliver superior service. Datto’s Autotask PSA 2018.2 will provide users greater efficiencies through a highly configurable ticketing and timekeeping functionality, redesigned Client Portal homepage, and new contract visibility options.

Features of Autotask PSA 2018.2 include:

  • Start/End Time-off Requests: Technicians can request time off for specific time frames, making it easier and more efficient to delegate work only to staff that is available.
  • Configurable Time Entries for Tickets: The time entry screen will be configurable with additional quick edit fields, such as Queue and Due Date. This builds on the configurable Ticket UI and will help shave minutes off of every ticket for techs who add time and then need to forward and/or modify the ticket.
  • Re-designed Client Portal Homepage: Clients can access the Client Portal with a new friendly URL, and the redesigned Client Portal homepage provides MSPs with improved visual data and insights, with a view of open Service Tickets and Projects.
  • New Contract Visibility Options: MSPs can protect critical information with newly deployed contract visibility levels (no visibility, limited, or full), ensuring staff and clients only see the minimum level of contract information needed.

Datto’s Autotask PSA is now available in North America, the UK, Benelux, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. To learn more, please view our on-demand webinar or read the full press release

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