Datto Preparing DRT to Assist Partners

Datto Preparing DRT to Assist Partners

By Caroline Chapin

It's that time of year again; Hurricane Season and Datto’s Disaster Response Team (DRT) is putting the final touches on the preparation needed to ensure the team is ready for deployment at any time, with little notice.

For more information on the DRT and the team’s mission, check out our DRT video

What’s New in 2019?

  • DRT Truck Upgrades: We’ve swapped out trucks for a model better suited to support the weight of all the equipment and supplies on board. We'll have Datto Networking and Power installed on board to ensure we're fully Wi-Fi enabled and power-ready.
  • Product Inventory: We’re refreshing product inventory to ensure we have plenty of devices to distribute to partners and shelters.
  • Code Red Support: Code Red has been expanded this year to 40 technicians. The team is better positioned than ever before to support our partners during hurricane season.

Stay tuned for updates on DRT activities. 

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