Datto Partner Spotlight: ThinkGard

Datto Partner Spotlight: ThinkGard

By Michaela Scampoli

Datto recently had a chance to sit down with longtime partner, ThinkGard- specifically, CEO Paul Franks. ThinkGard is an IT solution provider solely focused on business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Their customer base includes businesses in government, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial sectors. Much like Datto, ThinkGard aims to provide Total Data Protection for their customers.

At ThinkGard, they honor a philosophy around becoming an extension of their customers’ IT departments. They’re aware of the high volume of change IT departments often experience and how some items simply have to take priority over others. By employing the full suite of Datto solutions, ThinkGard is able to alleviate IT departments from the task of disaster recovery planning. Their assistance does not stop at delivery either. ThinkGard offers design, implementation, configuration, documentation, ongoing management and testing services.

ThinkGard embarked on a partnership with Datto nearly seven years ago. When Datto asked Franks about his experience thus far, he had a few interesting details to share about what works for him. Around product capabilities, he shared that when presenting Datto’s instant virtualization technology to customers it “wows them every time.”

Franks also moved to say that his customers weren’t the only ones who were impressed by Datto. He rests a little easier knowing that if a client goes down, he can pull a file in a matter of seconds, he can have servers back up again in just minutes, and it truly feels as though nothing ever happened.

Around ThinkGard’s relationship with Datto as whole, Franks stated, “Think of partners when they’re there for you, not there to hold their hand out for more sales or more money, but a partner that’s truly there to hold their hand out to help. You completely get that from Datto, from day one.”

At Datto’s 2015 Partner Conference, ThinkGard was dubbed Datto Innovator of the Year. A huge congratulations to ThinkGard for taking Datto solutions and creating an offering and approach that resonates so well with their customers.

You can watch Franks’ entire review of Datto’s services below.

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