Datto Partner Spotlight: Results Technology

Datto Partner Spotlight: Results Technology

By Michaela Scampoli

Datto recently took time to speak with Patrick Murphy, President of RESULTS Technology. RESULTS Technology offers customized Network Services and IT consulting around the Kansas City and St. Louis area. They work to implement technologies while also managing and performing maintenance on services for SMBs.

At RESULTS Technology their everyday revolves around 5 core values. These values highlight maintaining customer integrity, delivering solutions correctly the first time, managing communications with customers, respecting all, and owning personal responsibility. Paired with their commitment to communication, they also offer support round the clock. Their technology offerings span across backup, disaster recovery, IT consulting, VoIP, messaging services, and virtualization.

RESULTS’ partnership with Datto began nearly three years ago. When Datto asked what made them choose Datto, they expressed their disappointment with a previous provider and gave us a call. Within a week, their entire company was on board and ready to move to Datto solutions. Since then, they have placed 75 units with their customers.

Murphy also explained what it is about Datto that really resonates with customers:

“The one piece that helps us sell it to the customer, is that it’s truly business continuity…when they say backup, we say we don’t sell backup, we sell business continuity. I can virtualize locally, I can virtualize in the cloud - if the whole world falls a apart, somewhere, somehow, I know Datto can virtualize for us.”

Murphy also expressed the value of a true partnership, “I want to be involved in the success of Datto, because when you are successful, I’m successful. If I’m successful, you’re successful. It’s a two-way street.” At Datto, we couldn’t agree more.

You can watch Murphy’s entire commentary below.


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