Datto Offers Per Agent Pricing to Partners

Datto Offers Per Agent Pricing to Partners

By Chris Brunau

As an MSP one of the greatest assets you can offer your clients is flexibility. Giving your customers options when it comes to the services you provide such as backup and business continuity is important.

In the spirit of flexibility, Datto recently launched per agent pricing on the ALTO 2 and ALTO XL.

The reason? Giving our partners as much flexibility as possible to serve their customers. We recognize that our partners have customers of all sizes with many different needs. The more flexible we can be, the better.

With per agent pricing, Datto partners get to decide whether they want to pay per agent or use our already popular bundled pricing. Either way, depending on what a partner’s customers need, the choice is available. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of this new pricing option and how we offer greater flexibility:  

  • Unlimited cloud storage, even for small businesses. With 1-year time-based retention now available on ALTO 2, there is a serious value-add for a partner’s smaller customers. Per agent pricing is the only way to get unlimited cloud storage on an ALTO 2!    
  • Flat rate no matter what or how much you are protecting. Whether a partner’s customer needs 1TB of storage or 24TB, the monthly subscription price is the same per agent. This is a helpful solution for customers that have a limited number of machines, but still require a large storage capacity. The flat rate also applies, regardless of whether a partner is protecting servers, laptops, hypervisors - it doesn’t matter what’s protected, the subscription price is the same. This greatly simplifies the pricing discussion and makes Datto’s partners more attractive providers for the potential customers.

With these updated pricing models, the Datto partner chooses the plan that makes the most sense for them, their customers, and of course, their bottom line.
Want to learn more? Contact your sales rep for the details or shoot your question to partners@datto.com  for the scoop!

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