Datto Offers Open Source Linux

Datto Offers Open Source Linux

By Chris Brunau

In an effort to further improve the product and work with the development community, Datto has brought open sourcing to the Linux agent.

“We’ve seen an increase of Linux in SMBs, so we’re excited to give our partners more tools and enthused to be able to give back to the community,” said Datto CEO Austin McChord.

McChord cites the pervasiveness of open source today, with the amount of uses it has, you’re operating backwards if you neglect the open source community.

Open sourcing the Linux agent has made something free and accessible that in the past you had to pay to access. Datto has willingly given back meaningful innovation to the open source community through this new development.

Open sourcing an offering like the Linux agent allows Datto to be more transparent and allow for more simple and readily evaluation.

Among other positives are increased innovation, by allowing anyone to contribute to the code is another advantage, according to Business Solutions. When you have a community of developers working and investing their time in your product, any kinks will likely be addressed, and your product will improve because of that.

The driver, a library for the agent to interact with the driver, and several utilities were made open source, in an effort to further help partners. Doing so increases community involvement, meaning better support, as well as faster maintenance and improvements. The source code is available on GitHub.

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