Datto Networking WiFi-6 APs: Delivering MSPs Efficiency, Security, and Expanded Coverage

Datto Networking WiFi-6 APs: Delivering MSPs Efficiency, Security, and Expanded Coverage

By David Weiss

WiFi-6 Access Points (APs) have arrived for Datto partners, and that means more than just speed. This new addition to the Datto Networking lineup opens up exciting new possibilities for managed service providers (MSPs) and their clients.

The advanced capabilities of Datto’s WiFi-6 Access Points elevate your clients’ networking connectivity with increased efficiency and security, as well as expanded coverage. Complex operations that were previously nearly impossible with WiFi-5 are now easily workable when you deploy Datto’s new AP840 & AP840E.

Our WiFi-6 APs are made specifically for MSPs and their clients. They provide:

Increased Efficiency — You can scale your business and spend less time managing traffic by leveraging WiFi-6 High Efficiency (HE) capabilities. They enable more users, higher throughput, and better power efficiency. You’ll help cut costs for business owners while improving users’ wireless experience.

Security — You’ll increase your security offering and mitigate risks with our WiFi-6 APs. Leverage the dedicated scanning radio for added security monitoring and analysis as well as advanced encryption methods to protect wireless networks from attacks.

Advanced features include presence analytics and WPA3 security. Additional security enhancements like WIDS intrusion detection are also on our features roadmap.

Expanded Coverage and Range — Datto WiFi-6 APs provide at least 50% more coverage, both indoors and outdoors, with optional external antennas. Now you can broaden your client base to include larger businesses and venues, and spend less time managing connection drops thanks to improved roaming capabilities.

The high-powered Front End Module (FEM), or an integrated circuit with amplifiers, boosts the power transmission and receiving sensitivity of our WiFi-6 AP offerings. External antennas (AP840E) provide focused coverage, opening up access to a wider market of larger indoor and outdoor venues with new business opportunities.

Datto Networking Is the Difference

We’ve designed everything about Datto Networking just for MSPs. Our reliable Access Points, Edge Routers, and Switches come with a lifetime warranty, plus easy cloud deployment and management. A multi-tenant view of devices adds to your efficiency and control. With Datto, Networking as a Managed Service is a powerful addition to your business, providing you with a recurring revenue stream, and pricing structures that are built to grow margin.

Get an in-depth look at these developments via our latest Webinar, “WiFi-6 is Coming to Datto Networking.” It features Datto experts Ryan Grindrod, Product Specialist, Networking, and Andy Katz, Sr. Technical Manager, Networking. They’re joined by an MSP panel of Datto partners including Joshua Liberman of Net Sciences, Chris Horning of AtNetPlus, and Chris Bond of Innovative Technology Solutions.

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