Datto Networking Momentum

Datto Networking Momentum

By John Tippett

Since Datto Networking launched in January of 2017, it’s been a whirlwind. As I look back on the past year and a half, it’s incredible how far we have come. We entered this space with a single mission: to deliver MSP-Centric networking in a way no other vendor would. It all starts with powerful hardware - a full stack of integrated networking products, all managed in the cloud.  We built the entire product line around how you deliver services to your SMB clients, including pricing that is affordable, so you can be profitable. No contracts, and monthly pricing that doesn’t kick in until you deploy the product to a customer. All backed by 24/7/365 Direct-to-Tech support, because when you need help, you need it immediately.

Datto Networking is all about MSPs. You helped us grow. You gave us your feedback. And we delivered.

Here are the highlights from the past year.


Last fall, we introduced the AP42, which, at the time, was the most performant access point Datto had ever produced. The AP42 boasts a quad-core processor, more (almost double) and faster RAM than its predecessor, the AP40, and was built on the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard. We recently followed it up with the AP62. The AP62 shares the same quad-core processing power as the AP42, but offers three discrete internal radios—one 2.4GHz and two 5GHz. The additional 5GHz radio enables powerful performance in high-density environments.

New Switches

Our E-Series switches have been available since we launched Datto Networking and were very well received by our partners. In fact, you liked our switches so much that you wanted more. You asked us:

  • To add lower priced models
  • To extend the speed and management capabilities

So we got to work, and we delivered both. Last summer, we launched the L-Series 8 and 24 port switches with a lower PoE budget than the E-Series. More importantly, we introduced these switches at a very competitive price point. In May, we launched a new E24 switch that begins the process of extending our switch capabilities. The new E24 switch offers two 10Gb SFP uplink ports and an increased PoE budget of 410W.  Even with the increased performance, the price point for the E24 did not change. At the same time, we added a completely new Datto-branded SFP lineup, including 10Gb modules to complement the new switches. The E24 is the first update to our switch lineup to enable more advanced features, both in hardware and cloud management.  And we’re just getting started.

DNA Evolution

Since its initial launch in January of 2017, we have added over 100 new features to the DNA. The latest was announced this week at DattoCon18: Enhanced Web Content Filtering. This new feature adds a vital security layer at the DNS level, stopping threats before they get to the network. Enhanced Web Content Filtering ensures that the DNA is better equipped to prevent malware, ransomware, and command and control attacks. Additionally, it prevents malware or other viruses that do reach your network from communicating back out to the Internet.

Managed Power

In September of this year, we introduced a completely new product line, Managed Power. The Managed Power product line is purpose-built to eliminate Power Trips—that’s what we call it when you have to drive to a customer’s site and pull the plug on a non-responsive device. Power trips are expensive and time consuming, and worse, the customer is experiencing downtime while you are on the road. No more! Datto Managed Power enables you to remotely or automatically reboot any non-responsive electronic device.

Lifetime Warranty

This was another important request from our partners, and we are excited to report that we are delivering.  Announced at DattoCon18, all Datto Networking APs, Switches and Managed Power devices ship with a lifetime warranty. We also wanted to make sure our existing partners and the devices already in their fleets were covered, so the warranty is retroactive to the date the device was purchased. Lifetime Warranty is here!

Mobile Application

Our new mobile app simplifies how you work with, install and manage your Datto Networking devices. From an Android phone or tablet (available soon on iOS) you can view and monitor all APs, switches, managed power devices and clients, including device health, bandwidth, power usage, and switch PoE budget. You can even enable, disable or power cycle ports on the MP60.

All of this, and we’re just getting started. Our roadmap is full of new products, new features and even more MSP-Centric capabilities. If you haven’t tried Datto Networking, it’s time to take a look. Datto Networking is reinventing how MSPs do Networking. For more information, check out our networking page, or call your Datto sales rep today.

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