Datto Networking Appliance Now Available in Canada

Datto Networking Appliance Now Available in Canada

By Chris Brunau

We are happy to announce that the Datto Networking Appliance (DNA) is now available in Canada. The DNA is a robust network edge router and firewall with fully integrated unlimited Rogers Communications 4G LTE failover designed for network continuity.

The Datto Networking Appliance is a cloud managed edge router, firewall, and WiFi device with fully-integrated 4G LTE Internet failover (no contract and no overages with standard use). It delivers network continuity, keeping businesses online even when ISPs are not. Built for continued expansion, the Datto Networking Appliance features an 8 core processor, 8 GB of RAM, a 32 GB solid state hard drive and an ever expanding feature set. DNA performs Layer 7 deep packet inspection for all traffic passing through the router. This enables the appliance to categorize traffic by application, and lays the groundwork for additional Layer 7 features and capabilities. Users can prioritize business critical applications, to ensure they have enough bandwidth to function in an uninterrupted mode. The Datto Networking Appliance also supports external antenna use. This gives users more flexibility when deploying DNA and improves connectivity in low signal environments.

In addition to the DNA, the Datto Networking product line also features Datto Networking WiFi and Switches:

Datto Networking WiFi features 802.11ac with cloud stored configurations and management. Access Points ship with enclosures designed to install in any environment (operating temperatures range from -20°C to 50°C), are fully mesh enabled, and deliver enterprise-grade WiFi featuring dual band simultaneous 2.4GHz/5GHz, Gigabit Ethernet, standard 802.3af PoE and more. Because all configurations can be cloned from an existing network, installation is fast and easy.

Datto Networking Switches seamlessly integrate with Datto Networking WiFi Access Points and feature PoE budgets ranging from 55W to 740W, easy installation, and cloud-based management. Switches deliver robust Layer 2 management features including line rate switching, link aggregation, port mirroring/trunking, STP, IGMP snooping, VLAN, port security, storm control, port isolation, attack prevention, ACL, and SNMP.

Datto Networking is the first MSP-centric networking product line in the world. That means enterprise-grade products, easy installation, cloud management, multi-tenancy, and monthly pricing that fits the MSP delivery model. Datto Networking offers remote management, consolidated and synchronized billing, and 24x7x365 Direct to Tech customer support. All of this is designed to enable MSPs to deliver networking as a managed service.

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