Datto Mobilizes Harvey Disaster Response Team to Assist Partners

Datto Mobilizes Harvey Disaster Response Team to Assist Partners

By Matt Richards

Hurricane Harvey made landfall with devastating effect across the Texas Gulf Coast, and the impact on the affected communities is unprecedented.

Ahead of the storm, we added resources to our support staff and mobilized our Disaster Response Team (DRT) to set up local recovery operations to assist any partners in need.

On Friday, four senior technicians embarked on the 36-hour drive to Texas to establish the Datto Recovery base camp. The team transported dozens of Datto business continuity and networking devices to assist affected partners, free-of-charge, in their recovery efforts. Datto plans to maintain a local presence in the Texas Gulf Coast region for an extended period to assist partners.

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“We’re witnessing the magnitude of the destruction and realize that most of our partners and their customers are focused on their personal situations right now. Datto will do what it takes to get our partners’ and their customers’ businesses back up and running,” said DRT member Kevin White.

GCS Technologies Inc., a Datto partner in Austin, graciously provided space for the first DRT location to handle any partner calls or support tickets, replace damaged devices, and ensure our partners have WiFi access. On Wednesday evening, the team moved closer to the Houston area to Datto Partner Innovative Communication Systems. ICS is providing space for the team and offering their internal tech support staff to assist the DRT. "These partners are going above and beyond to contribute and ensure we have exactly what is necessary. They have been incredible," said DRT member Justin Hunter. 

The team is also calling shelters in the area to offer access points to get shelters connected to WiFi and better serve those affected by the hurricane. They recently provided Lee County Youth Center with hardware to give WiFi access to the shelter and aid in their efforts. 

“It has been a real team effort getting set up down here. A lot of people back at HQ are pitching in and working around the clock to give us what we need,” said White.

You can track the progress of the team through the Datto Twitter handle with the latest updates, observations, and insights. If you’re a Datto Partner in need of assistance, please call the Disaster Response Team directly at (310-956-1200) or by email at drt@datto.com to make device and support requests.

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