Datto Makes A Splash At VMworld 2015

Datto Makes A Splash At VMworld 2015

By Michaela Scampoli

We made our first splash at VMworld this year! With over 20,000 attendees, the conference proved to be a great opportunity to engage with end-users and introduce them to Datto and our Total Data Protection platform. We’re already looking forward to amping up our presence for VMworld 2016. (Stay tuned!)

While there, Datto CEO Austin McChord sat down with Steve Herrod, longtime CTO of VMware, now Managing Director at General Catalyst Partners, to chat about what Datto brings to the VMworld audience and the market as a whole. Herrod being one of the early investors in Datto, has had the opportunity to help Datto reach rapid and steady growth since 2007.

When Herrod inquired as to why Datto chose to attend VMworld, McChord replied:

“We’re here because we’ve got great solutions that really matter for the people who come to VMworld. Datto has been working hard at building great backup solutions that primarily we’ve been selling in the SMB space, but recently been making serious moves into the mid-market with the launch of virtual products.”

Datto’s offering is truly unique in the backup space, as it covers so many vital backup needs. McChord continued to explain, that in comparison to competitors, Datto offers the ability to protect business data no matter where it lives. Whether it be on physical or virtual machines, within SaaS applications, or systems running on public clouds, the Datto solutions provide amazing, fast restore capabilities that rival what others are doing.

Herrod expressed that he noticed audience surprise at Datto backing up SaaS, and simply asked, “Why would you do that?” Interestingly, McChord replied that people do more restores through our SaaS app provisions than they do through regular backup services that we provide. When it comes to SaaS apps, human error takes place and it takes place often. McChord then shared his own embarrassing tales of data deletion.

Another unique offering Herrod and McChord touch upon is how self-built and supported Datto truly is. Datto boasts it’s own private purpose-built cloud, spanning 160+ petabytes of storage today. When it comes to hardware, Datto buys all the raw components - buying hard drives and building our own servers, it all happens at our Connecticut-based build facility, with an in-house forklift to boot!

Herrod asked the all important: “So what’s next for Datto?” question.

McChord responded that the primary focus is building the world’s best backup and recovery solutions, and we’re supporting that cause with some interesting new projects. Much of the support ticketing that comes in often attributes issues to poorly configured networks. So why not try to help alleviate that, and scale down a company’s need to recover from downtime?

Datto started building the DNA product, a router firewall internet security appliance, with a very important question in mind. How do I troubleshoot my internet connection when my internet connection is down? Interested to learn just how we solved this? You’ll have to watch the interview to find out!

Well that’s a rap for VMworld 2015. At Datto, we’re already stewing on some great ways to turn our splash into a tidal wave for 2016. See you in Vegas!

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