Datto & HTG: We Go Way Back

Datto & HTG: We Go Way Back

By Samantha Ciaccia

Datto and HTG have been partners for over eight years, dating back to the early days of our company. Much has changed since then, most notably that more than half of all HTG members are now partnered with Datto, which speaks volumes to the relationship. Datto’s loyalty to HTG members goes deeper than an event sponsor. HTG has been an integral part of Datto’s growth since the very beginning, which brings both pride and humility to be aligned so tightly with the HTG community.

Recently, we worked with HTG to determine how we could strengthen our relationship even further. Our goal was to increase communication and visibility into the resources and tools that we have developed for the channel. Additionally, Datto launched the “We Go Way Back” campaign, including some exciting benefits exclusively for HTG members.

Available now:

  • Datto/HTG Website: A webpage featuring helpful resources, and tools.

  • Exclusive HTG User Group on Datto’s Community Forum: Private interactive User Group for HTG Datto partners to connect with each other and the Datto Team.

  • Exclusive HTG Slack Channel: Access to a private HTG instant messenger tool where members can talk as a group or direct message one another.

  • Dedicated Email for HTG Members: A guaranteed response within 48 hours to ensure that HTG members will never have to wait long for an answer.

  • Facelift on the HTG Vendor Hub: We have complete redesigned the Datto Community page on the HTG Vendor Hub  and will continue to showcase new blogs, announcements, and resources to keep members up to date on what’s new.

  • Q4 in-person surprise!: A small gift for HTG members at the Q4 event in Orlando.

Partner feedback is not something Datto just listens to, it’s what we’re continuously seeking. Every partner in our community has a voice that is encouraged, respected, and much appreciated. Here’s to many more years with HTG! For more information, visit the Datto HTG Site.

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