Datto Continuity: More Than Just A Product

Datto Continuity: More Than Just A Product

By Andrew Burton

Everyone in IT knows that the biggest issues always occur at 3 a.m. on a weekend. So, when this happens and a server goes down or is compromised in a cyberattack, you want a truly effective solution to get your client back to work fast; and you want a technology vendor that will be there to support you, no matter what.

This is where low-cost BCDR providers can fall short. Some simply lack features and functionality that MSPs need, while others require greater administrative resources to manage effectively. Datto’s focus on providing secure, efficient and reliable continuity solutions and our unwavering commitment to being a true technology partner for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) means you can better serve your customers, especially when it matters most.

Datto Continuity is a true all-in-one solution: a single vendor for hardware, software and cloud:

  • Easy to deploy and manage: With our integrated solutions, there’s no need to cobble together products from hardware, software, and cloud vendors to develop a complete solution. There are no additional costs for new features and device seeding is free on up to 4 devices a year. Devices are properly configured out of the box, and if something does go wrong, there’s no finger pointing between vendors.
  • Reliable, verified, image-based backups: Advanced backup verification gives you 100% confidence in your local and cloud backups by automatically verifying that server images are complete, ransomware-free, and boot-able.
  • Flexible recovery options: We offer the most restore and rollback options of any BCDR vendor—a full restore toolbox allowing you to address any recovery scenario.
  • Fast recovery: Protected systems can be virtualized on the Datto device, so your clients can return to work fast (6 second local recovery). With our “copy-on-write” snapshots, there’s no conversion process to slow recovery.
  • Emergency cloud failover: If an offsite disaster recovery is required, client workloads are hosted in the Datto Cloud at no extra charge.
  • Integrated platform: Datto’s integrated platform, as well as integrations with popular third-party PSA, RMM, and other MSP tools, removes complexity and increases MSP efficiency.
  • Flexible cloud options: Easily meet clients’ retention needs with unlimited data storage in the Datto Cloud—with no time restriction.
  • Flexible upgrade policy: Datto devices can be easily field upgraded with more storage or memory to grow with your clients’ expanding data and protection needs.
  • Geo-redundancy: With private data centers across the US, Australia, Europe and Canada, you can choose where client data lives and be confident that you can recover even if a data center goes down.
  • 24x7x356 support: Datto’s US-based Direct-To-Tech Support is available whenever you need it. Whether disaster strikes at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., we have you covered.
  • One-stop-shop Portal: A single-pane-of-glass for MSPs to quickly and easily manage multiple products and services, make purchases, train new employees, manage support tickets, and automate marketing campaigns with MarketNow.

While reliable technology is obviously essential, you also need a vendor that always has your back. Our MSP partners tell us they value Datto’s 100% commitment to their success. That means extensive onboarding services; 24x7x365 Direct-To-Tech support; ongoing investment in products to increase security, reliability, and ease of use; training opportunities; sales support; marketing automation tools and content; and much more.

The combination of efficient, reliable technology and a true vendor partnership allows you to better support more customers and grow your business. You don’t need to waste time struggling with configuration, ongoing management, and troubleshooting. This saves your techs’ time and reduces OpEx spending—increasing margins and driving revenue. Our recent survey data bears this out; Datto partners are growing nearly 10% faster than other MSPs.*

Datto solutions take the guesswork out of delivering BCDR services. This allows you to focus on what you do best—providing excellent support to your clients. Because ultimately, that’s what success in managed services is all about. <<Contact your Datto Sales Rep, or visit our webpage to learn more or request a demo>>

“The Datto Partner Program stands out in some really unique ways. It’s a well-polished program that encompasses what we need to succeed as a business. Everything from MarketNow to marketing development funds, Datto is actually investing in our business.” — Kevin Damghani, IT Partners.

“It’s easy to do business with Datto, and it’s easy to build relationships with the people that work for Datto. They want to partner with you and they want your business to succeed. That’s how they’re growing and developing their business [alongside] channel partners [like us].” — Karen O’Connor, Datapac

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