Datto Celebrates Customer Service Week

Datto Celebrates Customer Service Week

By Michaela Scampoli

At Datto, our Customer Service Week celebrations are in full swing! This week serves as a time to show some love to our fantastic Tech Support team. The Datto Tech Support team works to ensure our customer’s needs are met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Customer Service Week, or CSW, is really a time to say thank you. The individuals who are up in the wee hours of the morning or working during the company parties are quite literally helping the rest of us sleep at night. We can walk into work at 9 am and to us it’s a regular day, but it is so because of what this team accomplishes 24/7/365.

The dedicated individuals who encompass Tech Support are also hugely crucial to Datto’s complete business continuity solution. Without this team, zero downtime wouldn’t be possible. They help make Datto unique, and what makes Datto work.

To show our appreciation, we’re celebrating our support teams everywhere - Connecticut, New York, Boston, and the UK!

As our support team works closely with many departments, we have posted Tech Support MVP walls in our offices to recognize individuals who have made awesome contributions this past year.

This week has also been packed with some delicious catering and activities to get our team away from their desks for a bit (in shifts of course). In New York we held a candy-filled egg hunt. In the UK, our team created Budsies - or drawings of their own mascots which will come to life, plush-life that is.

This week also marks the official launch of a new Tech Support channel for communication with Datto - a @dattosupport Twitter handle! We are now offering partners another avenue to interact with our team, collect content, and get to know the culture behind support. Our 24/7/365 support guarantee also extends to this handle - someone will always be there to chat (or tweet) with you.

Thanks to our awesome team for all of their contributions. We hope our Customer Service Week celebrations has been a blast. Please know that you are appreciated 24/7/365!

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