Datto Announces Significant Updates at DattoCon19

Datto Announces Significant Updates at DattoCon19

By Chris Brunau

Today we announced the availability of more than 20 new products and enhancements at DattoCon19, the largest open-ecosystem MSP-centric event in the channel. The annual event, in its seventh year, attracts more than 2,200 MSPs who simplify and manage technology for small businesses (SMBs) around the world.


Autotask PSA

Dark Mode:  We know how our partners love and use dashboards in their day to day. In order to reduce eye strain and make Autotask PSA even more purpose-built for MSPs, we are introducing the option for Dark Mode throughout the product. Dark Mode will affect dashboards; search screens; grids; and all major entities like tickets, tasks, and opportunities. There will be the option to make wallboards in Dark Mode as well.

Account Dashboards: The dashboard experience in Autotask PSA gives users instant insight into what’s happening in their business as well as what actions need to be taken. We have continued to build on that dashboard experience by releasing templated account level dashboards in the CRM component of Autotask. Now there are real-time snapshots of the health of each account. Sales professionals can quickly understand the current state of an account before contacting them, and even use the account dashboard in the next QBR with clients.

Opportunity UI: As MSP organizations continue to grow, they need a world- class sales opportunity experience to drive new business. The new opportunity UI provides an instant understanding of what’s happening with each sales opportunity. It is a completely configurable layout which includes a timeline to display sales velocity, a checklist with steps to ensure a conversion, and an “insights” rail to understand related items such as customer fit. This upgrade will improve sales efficiency, which means better opportunity assessment and conversion rates, and faster time to close.

User and Asset-Based Billing: Invoicing can be a painful experience for an MSP - but it doesn’t have to be. Now with the option for user and asset-based billing, MSPs can save time with the automatic roll-up of units to bill. Autotask PSA will automatically count the number of units and add them to each invoice. Gone are the days of billing disputes due to lack of visibility of who and what is actually being billed each month.

LiveMobile 2.1 for iOS & 2.0 for Android: MSPs need the flexibility to manage client demands and get work done while away from their desks. The next generation of LiveMobile will deliver a fully native experience for iOS and Android. The current iOS release will include a native ticketing experience so techs can edit tickets, add time, and add attachments with ease from their mobile device. The Android release, which is currently available, includes native dashboards, menus, and grids.

Integrations Center: Many MSPs use third-party integrations that connect into Autotask PSA. The new Integrations Center enables MSPs to leverage the data from each integration and build actionable dashboards and widgets, create custom ticket categories for each integration-related ticket, build workflow rules that are conditional based on the integration vendor, and create LiveReports that filter on each integration vendor. This makes it easier to further centralize operations and bring more business intelligence into Autotask PSA.

Datto RMM

Configurable Dashboards: The new design and introduction of Dark Mode bring an entirely new way for MSPs to unlock data from within their managed estate and to create a place where MSPs can choose what data they would like to see and how they would like to see it.

New User Interface Beta: Building on the momentum of the new Configurable Dashboards, the rollout of the redesigned user interface makes its first appearance on the Device Summary pages. The newly designed pages are moving to a layout to present all of the relevant device details into a vertically oriented page using Datto interface design elements. In addition, Datto RMM’s original top-level, tab-based menu is being shifted to a collapsible left-hand system to provide a greater amount of vertical space on the page.

Introducing HTML5 Remote Control Beta: The Datto RMM product team is excited to introduce HTML5 Remote Control, an entirely new technology built from the ground up to deliver fast, browser-based connections to remote devices from any operating system. 

Announcing Datto Networking Integration: Datto is announcing the plan for the Datto Networking integration coming in Q3-2019, opening up the opportunity for partners to monitor and manage the wide range of available MSP-centric networking and managed power devices. This new integration will showcase Datto RMM’s future vision of API-based network device management which is an innovative departure from the traditionally complex SNMP framework.

New Suggestions Engine: Datto is creating new ways to help maximize the return on investment by introducing the Suggestions Engine to guide users along interactive learning paths within the application. By reducing the need to switch between browser tabs for online documentation or training videos, new users will be able to remain within the application and receive direct instruction on how to use the interface in front of them. Managers will appreciate the reduced time to get new users onboarded into a productive role.



Introducing SIRIS 4! We’ve completely revamped our SIRIS appliances to create the most powerful, reliable, all-in-one BCDR solution for MSPs. The new appliances are optimized for MSP efficiency by solidifying backup resiliency, enhancing virtualization performance and speed, and increasing device durability.

The power to support increasingly complex customer environments: To support MSPs across increasingly complex disaster scenarios and IT environments, SIRIS 4 includes Intel’s cutting- edge Skylake and Cascade lake CPUs which feature additional cores and a dedicated write cache (SLOG). The result: virtualize in under one minute, virtualize more agents per device, and ensure clients’ heavy-duty apps run seamlessly.

More reliable hardware and backups: Disruptions involving data corruption and attending to failed hardware components, like memory, require significant MSP time and energy. SIRIS 4 comes with self-healing ECC memory which reduces the rate of memory failures and ensures fewer corrupted backups. Optimized logic on our OS drives and an increased capacity alleviate additional strain on the OS, bolstering them against failure in the field. The new CPUs also translate to a 10X improvement in Screenshot Verification speed and fewer false positives. Overall, MSPs save time verifying backups and gain additional time to support customers.

Improved deployment experience: We’ve made significant improvements to the acoustics and heat management in the appliances to satisfy the need for a more ambient, resistant piece of technology. Internal cooling is now dynamically tuned to balance the fan speed and thermals depending on the workload of the system, resulting in a less disruptive piece of technology at a client’s site. Finally, we’re proud to announce Datto’s smallest BCDR device ever in the form of the new S4X1 and S4X2, which are compact enough to fit in your pocket.

Cloud Continuity For PCs (Formerly Direct-To-Cloud)

Our Direct-To-Cloud project has exited beta and is now available for purchase as Cloud Continuity For PCs. Datto’s Cloud Continuity for PCs is a reliable, image-based, all-in-one BCDR solution for PCs. Whether it’s because of a ransomware attack, lost or stolen devices, or accidental deletion of a file, companies need a way to protect user data and get employees back to business. Cloud Continuity for PCs provides reliable backups of PC data, the ability to restore the entire device image or individual files, as well as advanced PC virtualization. The new Cloud Continuity agent sits on the protected PC and connects directly to the Datto Cloud without the need for a local appliance.

With the power of image-based backups, MSPs now have a simple way to recover either a single file or the entire PC providing a way to easily protect all of their customer’s PCs from all disaster scenarios, not just a small subset. One simple price gives unlimited protection of end-user data per PC with no overage charges, enabling MSPs to maintain consistent margins over time. Backed by the full power of Datto’s Unified Continuity product line, MSPs now have a powerful way to protect business data no matter where it lives opening up additional margin expansion opportunities.

SIRIS Private

SIRIS Private is a simple way to deploy SIRIS as a private cloud for small and medium businesses. Ideally suited for businesses in industries like healthcare, financial services, and government where mixing data is often not allowed, SIRIS Private allows MSPs to deploy a self-contained BCDR solution that provides a secure and closed environment. Creating this secure environment is as easy as deploying a SIRIS locally and then connecting it to another SIRIS at a secondary site for replication and recovery. This ensures the data is self- contained in the customer’s network while providing the same reliable backups, instant virtualization, and expansive restore capabilities of the Datto Cloud. With the flexibility to deploy in a range of configurations based on the customer scenarios and locations, MSPs can deliver the same award-winning SIRIS BCDR experience without using a third-party cloud.

Datto SaaS Protection

Streamlined Client Onboarding Process: Starting the client’s SaaS Protection backup is easier than ever. MSPs can now add new client accounts from the Backup Status page in the Portal and begin their onboarding process with the click of a button. One screen has all an MSP needs to start their customers initial ingest - simply choose the client to onboard from the Datto Portal database and configure their storage region, retention type, auto-add capabilities, and license cap to kickoff the initial Office 365 or G Suite backup. Better yet, MSP owners can get their technicians to do it.

Revamped SaaS Backup Status Page: The SaaS Protection Backup Status Page is getting a major facelift. MSPs will see a bird’s eye view of all SaaS Protection accounts to quickly determine the number of licenses purchased and allocated, gauge profitability, and view clients’ backup status. Being able to view the last 24-hour backup success rate at a glance gives admins the visibility and peace of mind they need to manage SaaS backup across all clients. Partners will also get a detailed breakdown of protected and unprotected seats for each client, making upsells and regular status check-ins possible right from the Status page. Most importantly, Partners can click into any client to take immediate action.

New Per-Seat Pricing: Per-user SaaS Protection pricing is coming post-DattoCon! The more SaaS Protection seats sold across an MSP entire business, the higher the per-seat discount. Additional discounts are available for multi-year agreements, up-front payment, or opting for time-based retention. New pricing comes with greater flexibility in choosing how to sell and manage SaaS Protection across an MSP’s customer base. Partners can also choose to purchase in bulk and administer licenses as they see fit, or purchase seats on an as- needed basis. Finally, to allow for better management of client contracts, partners now have the option to enable a license cap, which allows Partners to restrict the number of users added until necessary workflows are followed.

Datto SaaS Protection for O365 with Vade Email Security: In partnership with Vade Secure, Datto SaaS Protection can now be extended to provide advanced email filtering integrated natively inside Office 365. Vade Secure is the global leader in predictive email defense for Office 365, leveraging threat intelligence from 600 million mailboxes globally to deliver AI-based detection of phishing, spear phishing, and malware attacks. Designed to be easy to deploy, manage, and sell for MSPs, Datto SaaS Protection with Vade Secure takes a multi-layered approach to security and data protection by defending clients at the highest point of vulnerability and recovering data from any point in time.


Network Manager

To deliver the networking industry’s first cloud management user interface completely designed to serve the needs of MSPs, Datto Networking reimagined its cloud management design and built Network Manager. Branching from our Open Mesh roots to this newly redesigned system, Network Manager not only simplifies how an MSP navigates through the software but streamlines many of the routine tasks an MSP has to perform. With new features specifically for MSPs to more efficiently manage their clients’ networks, a completely new look and feel, redesigned WiFi pages, support for end-user management, an audit log to track every action taken in the system, and events and alerts to inform MSPs when and if there is an issue, this is MSP-centric networking.

E310-Series Switches

The E310 Series, Datto Networking’s next generation of switches, deliver high-end performance at an affordable price. Built on top of a new hardware platform, the E310 switches include 10Gb uplinks with DAC support, a faster switching backplane, a quieter and smaller form factor, layer 3 features, 802.1X, enhanced security features, and other enterprise-class capabilities. The E310 Series replaces the E-Series, is the industry’s first line of switches built from the ground up based directly on MSP feedback, and is priced to enable our MSP partners to drive margin into their business.

Whether it’s incorporating your feedback into the product roadmap, improving performance and hardware design in our E310 Series so you can better serve your SMB clients, or incorporating layer 3 routing and enhanced security options in the switch to give you more flexibility, the Datto Networking team is always looking at how we can deliver innovation to benefit our partners.


Datto Rebrand: Autotask Endpoint Backup is now Datto File Protection, and Autotask Workplace is now Datto Workplace. In addition, File Protection Manager and Workplace Manager have been revamped in accordance with the Datto Partner Portal look and feel, providing a more consistent experience for our partners.

Datto Workplace

Unlimited Storage Plan and Reduced Workplace Server Pricing: Datto Workplace will be offering an unlimited storage plan, making it easier to move clients onto Datto Workplace and facilitate file synchronization and sharing within their organization. Additionally, Workplace Server pricing has been reduced. Workplace Server is an incredibly powerful application, built to facilitate ‘hybrid environments’, allowing on-premises users and remote users to access the same data in real-time.

Workplace 10 for Windows and Mac (Beta): Datto Workplace’s next-generation app for Windows and Mac offers a completely new experience. This includes cloud drive which allows immediate access to the entire Workplace file repository without consuming local disk space. Recently accessed files will automatically be available when offline, and the amount of disk space used to facilitate this feature can be specified. Files, folders, and projects can be synced to make them always available when offline.

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