Datto Announces Integration With LabTech By ConnectWise

Datto Announces Integration With LabTech By ConnectWise

By Chris Brunau

To further improve our total data protection platform, Datto has announced that its platform is now seamlessly integrated with LabTech®, the industry’s leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution developed by ConnectWise®. Datto can now be easily administered through LabTech’s centralized remote console, giving managed service providers (MSPs) that use both Datto and LabTech the opportunity to save time and money by managing their customers through a single, user-friendly portal. 

Through Datto’s new integration with LabTech, MSPs can log in to LabTech’s powerful IT automation tool to instantly see the backup status of their devices. MSPs using Datto and LabTech together can view and remotely manage all of their client’s devices from one place.

“For many of Datto’s partners, a good portion of their day is already spent in LabTech’s console managing machines and responding to tickets from clients,” said Ian McChord, Vice President of Product Management at Datto. “This integration offers tremendous value as these same partners will now be able to manage their entire fleet of Datto devices, safeguarding their client’s data, from one place.”

To learn more, visit marketplace.connectwise.com/p/64/datto or read the full Datto news release.

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