You may not think total data protection and high-performance racing have much in common. Think again. Ferrari’s are fast, but Datto’s data recovery time is faster.

If you ask Ted Passalacqua, President of Strategic Micro Systems, they’re a match made in heaven. Strategic is a New Jersey-based MSP and Enterprise Datto Partner for nearly five years. Recently, Strategic took advantage of Datto’s Co-Marketing Program, a benefit of the Datto Global Partner Program that uses shared resources to create a customized marketing strategy in the partner’s local market to increase brand awareness.

Strategic and Datto teamed up with with New County Competizone and the North American Ferrari Challenge to sponsor a series of eight races around the US. The sponsorship is more than just Strategic and Datto’s logo on the car, the brand awareness expands to the pit crew uniforms, trailer, support equipment, and much more. It has been an incredible opportunity for Strategic and Datto, and especially rewarding for Passalacqua, a lifelong racing fan, who was able to bring his business and pastime together for a win-win.    

“It’s an event to build relationships. We’re right next to the race track, and it’s been an awesome,  once in a lifetime, experience” said Ted. It’s been a bonus that the sponsored driver is in the top position in the series, representing Datto and Strategic very well. The sponsored Ferrari performed so well, that they recently introduced a second co-sponsored car. High performance is something that Ferrari and Datto have in common.

"Being part of this elite racing landscape is an exciting opportunity for Datto," says Brooks Borcherding, Chief Revenue Officer of Datto. "Ferrari is renowned worldwide for unparalleled racing performance, exceptional design, and delivering an unrivaled customer experience. Similarly, Datto brings that same level of superior performance to small and medium business through our market leading Total Data Protection platform."

Strategic and Datto are looking forward to the rest of the series and the continued success of their sponsored car.

Don’t believe us? Keep an eye out for the footage from the races… coming soon!