Data Protection Becomes MSP Cornerstone

Data Protection Becomes MSP Cornerstone

By Holly Wainwright

Given data’s critical role in businesses of all sizes, you can’t really be an MSP anymore without a way to protect data. Many MSPs say an inability to protect a customer’s data means they cannot fully service that customer. A rock-solid Total Data Protection solution must be an integral part of one’s offering – even if it still takes extra work for certain customers to “get it.”  And it’s now become the MSP’s role to make sure their customers do just that, “get it”.

The importance of data protection is not always immediately realized or acknowledged.  You can be sure, however, that “When customers suffer a loss, we’re on the hook to recover it. So we need a solution in place that’s going to allow us to do that with as little overhead as possible,” says John Manley, Virtual CTO at New York MSP Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office.

“Backup and disaster recovery is a cornerstone of a managed services provider, from the dual perspectives of recurring revenue and manageability of your customers and of your own organization,” continues Manley. “If you become an MSP and leave out the backup and disaster recovery, then what are you managing? If the customer goes down, do you really want to fight that fire with no solution in place?” And worse, when a customer does go down without a Total Data Protection solution in place, they demand ““Why didn’t you sell me harder?” “And they make it our fault they didn’t buy it from us,” Manley laments.

At Augusta-based MSP EDTS, LLC, CIO Delano Collins has had success conveying data’s criticality by focusing on business processes. “Subconsciously, they know. So if you ask them pointed questions about how a data loss would effect their business, how it effects their bottom line, how it effects their cash flow, then you see people kind of get uneasy and scoot up to the edge of their seat. Their eyes bulge and the veins on their forehead kind of come to the surface,” Collins chuckles.

Manley and Collins are just two of the successful MSPs interviewed in a new eBook, “Building an MSP’s Revenue & Profit Engine”. The MSP interviews not only revealed how Total Data Protection is becoming a cornerstone of their evolving business models, but also how their own data is playing a larger role in their success. Because recurring revenue models depend more on fixed pricing than hourly rates, analyzing internal data to streamline business processes is becoming paramount to profitability.

And there you have it! Selling Total Data Protection Solutions is beneficial from not only a revenue perspective, but also to helps enable the development of a strong (and lasting) relationship between you and your customer due to the crucial nature of the product you’re selling.

If you are harvesting a yearning to learn more on how you can best construct your revenue and capitalize on your profitability as an MSP, head over here to download our eBook filled with tips and reasons on why and how you should sell products to your customers.

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