Critical Technology for a Global Business Shift

Critical Technology for a Global Business Shift

By Courtney Heinbach

We recently surveyed managed service providers (MSPs) around the world to understand how COVID-19 has impacted their businesses. Specifically, we asked them which technology trends and solutions they thought would bring them the most opportunities during the shift to remote working. The majority of MSPs called out remote access solutions, cybersecurity, cloud migrations, and business continuity. It’s imperative that as business trends shift, the technology they use and sell to their clients innovates alongside those changes.

Innovation Drives Opportunity for MSPs

The month of June was a big one for the Datto product team as we announced improvements to three of our core solutions in an effort to better serve our partners with technology that creates opportunities for their business.

Datto RMM features a new integration with Datto Continuity, enabling MSPs to configure, backup, and restore servers directly from the RMM console. Centralizing critical information into a single dashboard streamlines business operations by providing insight and full backup visibility to help your team work faster, more effectively, and enable rapid recovery of client data and operations.


SaaS Protection, our cloud-to-cloud backup solution, now backs up Microsoft Teams and features streamlined client on-boarding to protect clients' critical cloud data in a matter of minutes with a simplified setup and an easy click-through on-boarding process. Flexible retention allows users to choose between settings that allow for infinite cloud retention and as well as time-based retention to provide flexibility in meeting the individual needs of each end client.

"Many organizations are gravitating away from on-prem to cloud-based tools. They're relying on SaaS applications like Microsoft to facilitate remote collaboration. With this uptick in cloud migration, MSPs need to be able to support clients no matter where they are (and from anywhere)," said Chad Kempt, President at Fast Computers.

"Being able to remotely monitor and manage my clients is crucial, and being able to trigger rapid recovery with Datto's BCDR and SaaS backup solutions is more needed than ever. It's hard to say when/if clients will operate from their offices again in full capacity, so being able to support them no matter where they are or where I might be makes the need for a unified suite of RMM, BCDR, and SaaS solutions more needed than ever before."

To learn more about Datto RMM, SaaS Protection, or Datto Continuity, check out the following explainer videos for some highlights on features and functionality:

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