"Crash Override" Malware Causes Cybersecurity Alert

"Crash Override" Malware Causes Cybersecurity Alert

By Chris Brunau

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a cybersecurity alert for a form of malware known as Crash Override.

According to the National Cybersecurity and Communications Center (NCCIC), Crash Override first made headlines in 2016 when hackers used the malware to attack the electric grid, causing a major power outage in Ukraine.

The NCCIC notes that some possible impacts of an attack include the temporary or permanent loss of sensitive information, disruption to operations, financial losses, and potential harm to an organization’s reputation. While there currently is no evidence to suggest the malware has affected any U.S. infrastructure, it is under investigation and the NCCIC is sharing the information to provide organizations with detection and mitigation recommendations.

The NCCIC suggests defensive techniques and common cybersecurity practices as the best methods for protection. They recommend actively monitoring networks and quickly executing a prepared response in the event of an infection.

Much like a ransomware attack, it is important to protect yourself with a backup and recovery solution and report any attacks to the FBI.

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