CorCystems And Datto Earn Aquarium's Seal Of Approval

CorCystems And Datto Earn Aquarium's Seal Of Approval

By Chris Brunau

With nearly 500,000 people walking through The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk every year, providing the best experience possible takes a lot of work from all aspects of the organization. In addition to the thousands of animals hosted, The Maritime Aquarium uses cutting-edge technologies to entertain visitors, including an IMAX theater, educational programs, and a giant touchscreen exhibit.

To ensure everything is in working order, the aquarium has employed a top-notch IT department, including IT Manager, Sergio Munoz, and Systems Manager, Chris DiLello. Their main duty is to provide tech support to all employees of the aquarium. To help ease the burden for the small IT team, The Maritime Aquarium enlisted the help of CorCystems, a managed service provider (MSP) in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Prior to working with CorCystems, the aquarium worked with a different MSP that often complicated things for the in-house IT team. For example, the MSP was managing the entire IT service and didn’t give DiLello and Munoz the necessary access or resources to do their jobs. “It was a very closed and restricted operation. Everything about the relationship made our lives more complicated,” said DiLello.

For CorCystems, which came aboard and immediately provided a successful relationship with the aquarium’s IT staff, it was about creating a true partnership. “One of our initial struggles was convincing Sergio and Chris that we weren’t there to displace them, but instead to empower them,” said Tony DeMarco, President & CEO of CorCystems. Since then, they’ve come to an understanding, and it has been a great relationship for both parties, according to DeMarco.

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