Construction Firm Conquers Hurricane Irma with Datto Networking

Construction Firm Conquers Hurricane Irma with Datto Networking

By Chris Brunau

Looking back on hurricane season, 2017 has been deemed one of the top ten most active in history according to The Weather Company. A total of eight hurricanes swept the Atlantic basin from August to September. From those, Florida was hit particularly hard. On the heels of Hurricane Irma, a category 5 tropical storm, the state was predicted to experience some major economic impacts. FXStreet analysts reported Florida’s real GDP for 2017 dropped to 2.5% from 3.6% (predicted before the hurricane). Additionally, they have estimated gross losses of nearly 52 billion dollars. A large portion of the economic downturn can be attributed to drops in tourism and damage to citrus crops, but there are other industries that can make up for some of the losses. Specifically, construction.

Klos Consulting has been delivering managed IT services to businesses in the southern coast of Florida for nearly twenty years. Eighty percent of their customers are in the construction industry, with Klos even being a member of the Construction Association of South Florida. During the area’s run in with Hurricane Irma, the team at Klos Consulting was able to save one of their construction clients upwards of a quarter of a million dollars in potential missed business. 

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