Connect and Automate Service Delivery with Autotask PSA and Field Nation

Connect and Automate Service Delivery with Autotask PSA and Field Nation

By Gokul Muralidharan

Gokul Muralidharan is a senior technical product manager at Field Nation. Over his 16 years of experience in software development, Gokul has consulted with numerous customers to identify and design best-fit solutions that meet their business needs. He is passionate about product development and building system integrations that improve data access, communication, and productivity to accelerate business growth and improve efficiency.

It's no secret that technology expertise is in high demand and the labor market is tight. Many MSPs struggle to find and keep qualified field technicians. One solution is to supplement full-time technicians with contractors using an online marketplace such as Field Nation. Field Nation provides access to on-demand talent for on-site IT service work. MSPs also use Field Nation’s Marketplace of technicians to expand their business into new locations and services.

A marketplace like Field Nation offers MSPs flexibility in completing field service work for clients. But, your team may already manage a separate tool (or multiple tools) for service delivery. Does your staff switch between systems and enter duplicate data? If the answer is yes, it's likely slowing down your service and making it more prone to errors. The solution is system integration.

If you use Autotask PSA to automate service delivery and manage resources, you’re in luck. You can incorporate work assigned and completed by Field Nation Marketplace technicians into your current workflow by setting up an integration. This enables you to automate processes, gain insight into all service work, and improve internal and external communication.

Key Features of the Autotask and Field Nation Integration

  • Easy-to-use mapping interface
  • Advanced data translation capabilities
  • Full two-way data synchronization
    • Update Autotask tickets from Field Nation, including deliverables, time logs, and assigned technician information.

Benefits of the Autotask and Field Nation Integration

Automate Manual Process: Set tasks, trigger automation, and keep systems up-to-date with real-time data.

  • Eliminate duplicate data and reduce error
  • Process tickets automatically
  • Receive automatic alerts and triggers Gain Total Workflow Insight: Get visibility into the full picture of your service business.
  • Capture important data in real-time
  • Ensure the right people are doing what they need to when needed.
  • Know what’s happening across systems
  • Improve Communication: Keep employees connected with critical information
  • Store all communication in one place
  • Integrate legacy systems instead of making expensive replacements

A two-way integration solution saves your team the headache of managing labor across tools. Become a connected business today. Get started.

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