Company Pays $1 Million to Recover Files from Ransomware Attack

Jun 20, 2017

Company Pays $1 Million to Recover Files from Ransomware Attack

BY Chris Brunau

Cybersecurity Ransomware

Nayana, a South Korean web-hosting firm will reportedly pay a $1 million ransom to regain access to their hacked files. This is the largest-known ransom amount ever published.

The hackers initially demanded $4.4 million, but a lower ransom was agreed upon after some negotiation. Data on 153 Linux servers and 3,400 customer websites were encrypted by the hackers, according to BBC.

The responsible ransomware strain is Erebus, which targeted computers running Windows along with a variant for Linux-based systems. According to SC Magazine, a local exploit may have been used by the hackers but it is unclear exactly which exploit or exploits were used.

This demand of 397.6 bitcoin is by far the largest publicly reported ransom. Typically, ransom demands are much lower, as we saw with libraries across St. Louis earlier this year ($35,000) and Los Angeles Valley College ($30,000).

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