Cole Informatics Saves Time And Money With Datto

Cole Informatics Saves Time And Money With Datto

By Chris Brunau

In 2002, Terry Cole saw the need for high-quality IT services for customers that showed little interest or comprehension of business critical technology. Cole understood that in order for these customers to do their jobs properly, they needed strong technology behind them. Since then, Cole Informatics has become the go-to provider of IT and business telephone services in West and Middle Tennessee.

Cole has made it a point to educate clients on the benefits of finding the right IT provider. He believes that the existence and livelihood of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) depends on highly reliable technology. Strong technology mixed with the right IT service provider creates an easier and more profitable life for SMBs.

In 2007, Cole learned a few things about a relatively new company called Datto. When Datto released its very first business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) products, they didn’t meet Cole’s needs, so he partnered with another company and began to offer his own business continuity service called PartnerSAFE™ Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery Service.

“My vision of PartnerSAFE™ hit a wall. It became clear that the only way to scale up PartnerSAFE™ was to redefine it by selling hardware direct to the client, ensure it was completely supported by the manufacturer, and had a non-metered remote data option available to us. We needed to make it available at a variety of cost entry points and to be able to easily and quickly demonstrate the value to a prospect,” explained Cole. To achieve the PartnerSAFE™ vision, Cole retraced their steps back to Datto.

Upon the first Datto delivery, Cole’s staff started smiling again. They began to replace the previous vendor devices with Datto devices. Migrating to new devices isn’t always a seamless process, but the technicians were able to work through it with Datto’s top-notch support team.

Thanks to some of Datto’s technologies like Inverse Chain Technology and Screenshot Backup Verification, Cole is in the best position for success. To learn more about how Cole’s partnership with Datto has flourished, download the success story.

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