Cold Calling Made MSPeasy: Be Metrics Minded

Cold Calling Made MSPeasy: Be Metrics Minded

By Chris Brunau

For MSPs to thrive, they must continue to bring in new clients. Your customer base is what defines your success, so building and expanding that base is an absolute necessity.

That’s where cold calling comes into the picture. Sales prospecting is the process of making outbound calls and emails to leads in an attempt to gain a new customer. It takes a lot of digging to find the right lead, which - when all goes well - will become a new business opportunity. 

In order for MSPs to improve their prospecting techniques and guarantee success, it’s important to continually track what is and isn’t working. 

“We tracked the number of people we called, the number of voicemails we left, and the number of appointments we set up. I would make notes after each call so I could determine what worked,” said Eric Torres, former MSP and current Chanel Development Manager at Datto. Writing down thorough notes while these calls are still top of mind will be critical in order to help yourself (and your team) remember the successes (or failures) of these methods down the line. 

Shaun Kamps, Sales Manager at River Run Computers, does something similar at his MSP. “We are very number-centric,” he said. “We look at the ratio of calls made to calls successfully held. We then compare that number to the number of appointments scheduled,” he said. 

In our eBook, Cold Calling Made MSPeasy, we've consolidated a list of no-fail cold calling tactics from industry-leading MSPs who’ve mastered the game. Download today and turn your cold calls a bit warmer.

Cold Calling Made MSPeasy

Educational guide for MSPs (from MSPs) all about warming up those cold calls.

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