CMIT and Datto Discuss the State of the Managed Services Market

CMIT and Datto Discuss the State of the Managed Services Market

By Melissa Stanton

Let’s take a break from the technical talk and the business blabber and talk about arguably the best meal of the day – breakfast. That’s right, ham and eggs.

According to Cindy Phillips, Director of Product Development at CMIT, “When you’re going to have breakfast in the morning who’s more committed to breakfast? The pig, who turns into ham, or the chicken who simply lays an egg? Think about it from the pig’s point of view. The pig is definitely much more committed than the chicken, right?”

Cindy uses this delicious analogy to share more about the “secret sauce” at CMIT (just a hint: it’s not ketchup, Sriracha or hollandaise). CMIT is made of entrepreneurs and franchisees who have the the task of running their own IT firms focused on serving small businesses. The CMIT franchise owners are the pig, considering they have the responsibility of providing their clients with the resources they need while still making payroll.

Luckily, CMIT completes an annual research report that highlights the problems businesses face with their IT. The findings allow for CMIT to come up with solutions to these problems, and the answer was obvious.

This is where Datto comes in. CMIT and Datto solidified a partnership mere months ago and have already seen success. In the podcast, Cindy highlights three reasons why CMIT chose Datto as their main partner.

In fact, Cindy’s exact words were, “We look forward to the clients we can save together.”

Listen to the entire podcast and don’t forget to listen next week. As always, questions and suggestions are welcome and can be sent to Every episode is also available on iTunes.

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