Cloud Sales Made MSPeasy: Target The Decision Maker

Cloud Sales Made MSPeasy: Target The Decision Maker

By Chris Brunau

There’s an old adage in sales: “You’re not selling to the end user; you’re selling to the person who writes the check.” Any sales pitch must target someone with budget authority; otherwise you’re likely wasting your time.

This becomes a bit more complicated when it comes to technology solutions, as you often have to sell to two different decision-makers: the department head or executive that wants the benefits of a particular technology, and the CIO or IT manager who has to approve any technology purchase that crosses into their domain. MSPs have been fighting this battle forever, even in companies where the MSP is hired because there isn’t a true CIO.

SaaS solutions can change this game. These solutions are, by their nature, almost entirely uninstalled on local hardware. File-sharing apps like Datto Drive, Google Drive and Box install local apps for offline access, and nearly all web services drop cookies on your browser, so there may be a few minor installation hurdles to clear for some solutions. As long as the customer has general internet access, you can offer a SaaS solution without worrying about selling, installing or maintaining hardware.

This means you can offer SaaS solutions to specific departments or teams without directly involving your customer’s IT department. If a marketing department wants to deploy a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Zoho or Salesforce, you can sell directly to the CMO without necessarily getting signoff from the CIO. The same is true if the CFO wants to deploy Freshbooks or Expensify, the COO wants to roll out SmartSheet or Mavenlink, or the corporate counsel wants to implement compliance-friendly solutions like Cloudlock or Backupify.

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