Cloud Sales Made MSPeasy: Sell Benefits, Not Features

Cloud Sales Made MSPeasy: Sell Benefits, Not Features

By Chris Brunau

If you’re a managed service provider (MSP) looking to improve your efforts in selling Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, you’ve come to the right place!

Selling benefits keeps customer attention on the problems your solution solves, rather than on the nitty-gritty of specific features that can distract from the value of your offering. Feature-based selling reduces the customer’s choice to competing checklists of buzzwords and commodity features with no focus on quality or value. Put another way, every email client has an address book, but every address book works differently. Simply checking the box on “has address book” in no way communicates an email client’s value. Software is as much about quality of features as it is quantity.

Qualitative differences are magnified in the cloud. SaaS productivity solutions like Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 have many of the same word processing, spreadsheet and presentation features of installed software, but their cloud-based sharing features make Google Apps and O365 fundamentally different products.     

Moreover, SaaS solutions are intrinsically different than on-premise hardware and software. SaaS is infinitely scalable. SaaS natively embraces remote access. SaaS has almost zero hardware footprint. SaaS makes migration to and from a solution far simpler.

The benefits of SaaS go far beyond mere feature parity with installed software. Selling the benefits of SaaS, rather the mere features of SaaS, put you in the best position to close more SaaS deals.

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